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Single-use No
Campaign Core

A present is a bundle that appears during Wintersday.


Dwayna Vs Grenth[edit]

Presents are used in Dwayna Vs Grenth. They spawn at one of four points on the map every 30 seconds, and teams must transport presents to the Avatar of Dwayna or the Avatar of Grenth, depending on which team they're in, to score points. Holding a present reduces movement speed by around 50%. If a player would be knocked down, they will drop the present, even if the knock down is prevented by Ice Fort.

Some presents are "fake": when a character attempts to pick up a fake present, it will explode, dealing 250 damage. There is no way to tell the difference between a real present and a fake one without picking it up.

Wintersday finale[edit]

Grentches spawn and drop Presents during a Wintersday finale in Lion's Arch or Kamadan after Grenth wins. Picking up a Present results in instant death.


  • It used to be possible to glitch the Grentches in the Dwarf cage in Kamadan, and run the presents freely. Since Wintersday 2009, this is no longer achievable due to the fact that the candy cane gates no longer stop the character or the Grentches.
  • In Wintersday 2009, some of the children in Kamadan were missing.

Grentch activity[edit]

Prior to the December 15, 2011 update, presents appear randomly at various spawn points scattered throughout decorated towns during Wintersday. Players could pick up a gift and deliver it to a Young Child before it was destroyed by a Grentch. For each gift successfully delivered, the player would receive one Candy Cane Shard. Players could also deliver presents to Scrappy Jhim, who gave one Winter Gift instead.

Unlike most bundles, the player's movement speed was not reduced by carrying a present. However, the Grentches would hunt the presents, exploding them if they touched them. Grentches move 25% faster than players.


Upon receiving a present, children would say:

"Oh boy, a present! Wow! Thank you so much! My mom says that when someone gives you a gift, it's good manners to give one back, so here is something for you."

Upon destroying a present, Grentches would say:

"Another present smashed all to bits. Wintersday really is!"