Young Child

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Young Child
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Affiliation Not specified
Type Human
Level(s) 1, 2
Campaigns Core

Young Children are the offspring of humans, and can be found anywhere humans are known to congregate.



  • Elona

When spoken to, Young Children in Istan randomly give one of the following responses:

In the Istani countryside and Champion's Dawn
NOTE: like some other minor NPCs their responses change following your progress in the game.
After Chahbek Village:
"Hey! No fair! I get to be the Sunspear this time!"' (as in Kamadan)
"I can burp my letters. Want to hear?"'
"I think I swallowed a bug."'
"Oh, boy oh boy! Momma told me I can be a Sunspear when I grow up! Take that!"
"Want to see what happens when you set a house on fire?"
After Jokanur Diggings:
"Hi, <player name>! Whatcha doing?"
"I heard they don't have Sunspears in Vabbi. What do all the kids there want to grow up to be?"
"I saw a ghost in the ruins once. It followed me home and lives in my closet."
"The last time I went up to the ruins, my dadda grounded me for two weeks."
"Those ruins are really scary. I don't play there."
After Blacktide Den:
"Am I going to have to move to Kourna if we go to war there?"
"I don't want to go to war. Do I have to?"
"I saw another giant in the ocean today. It must be giant season."
"Mean old Varesh Ossa. She's a bully. Someone should tell her it's not ok to beat people up."
"Momma says I have to stay near the house in case the town catches on war."
After Consulate Docks:
"Dadda's gone to war and Momma cries all the time. I don't like war. I don't like Kournans. I don't like you."
"Don't go to war, <player name>. Okay? Please?"
"I can blow bubbles with my tongue."
"Oshai lost his daddy. I keep a close eye on mine. I don't want him to get lost."
"Who is Vabbi, and why won't he help us?"
After Moddok Crevice:
"Be careful, Sunspear. I miss you already."
"I lost my toy down the well, so I threw my frog in to find it for me."
"I'm playing prince of Vabbi! I'm in charge! I'm in charge! I'm in charge!"
"I've never heard of Vabbi. Do they have war there?"
"Oh, boy! Are you going to Vabbi? Can you bring me back a toy?"
After Grand Court of Sebelkeh:
"How do you ride a wurm? Aren't they kinda small?"
"I heard the Crysal Desert used to be the Crystal Sea. Did changing the name dry up all the water?"
"It wasn't a giant! It was a giant wurm! wasn't in the ocean! It was in the sand!"
"My brother just joined the Sunspears. He says everyone needs to help. What can I do?"
"Why do Kournans have big noses? Because they have big fingers!"
After Ruins of Morah:
"Be careful. I can't grow up to be a Sunspear if there aren't any left."
"I know a story can end. How does a world end?"
"I'm not going to let the world end. Are you?"
"I'm really mad at Varesh Ossa. She made my momma cry."
"Nightfall is really scary!"
After Abaddon's Gate:
"Did Nightfall break when it hit the ground?"
"I don't want to be a Sunspear anymore. I'm going to be a fisherman!"
"That giant in the sea looked at me. I saw its eye blink just like a flapping sail."
"What do you give a sick warthog? Oink-ment!"
"Yay, Sunspears!"
In Kamadan
NOTE: here responses seem to remain invariable.
Idle quotes:
"Come out already. I know you're around here!"
"Hey! No fair! I get to be the Sunspear this time!"'
"I know you're around here somewhere! You can't hide forever!"
"I'll find you sooner or later!"
"I put a rock in my sister's ear, they haven't found it yet."
Idle quotes:
"Shhhh. Go away. I'm hiding! If the other kids see you talking to me, they'll find me."
When spoken to:
"What's that? What's this? Can I see it? Can I hold it? Where'd you get it?"
In Vabbi : Unlike 'Vabbian Children' Vabbian 'Young Children' don't talk to strangers.
When spoken to by a member of either team:
"Oh, I hope, I hope, I hope I get a good present! I wonder what I'll get? What do you think I'll get? Oh, I can't stand it! It's so hard to wait!"
When Dwayna's team scores
"We love you, <player name>!"
When Grenth's team scores:
"Waaaa! You're a mean one, <player name>!"



In Ascalon City, Lion's Arch or Droknar's Forge:
"If you bring me a present, I'd be soooo happy. I had one, but a big, fat, ugly Grentch came and took it from me!"
When given a present in town:
"Oh boy, a present! Wow! Thank you so much! My mom says that when someone gives you a gift, it's good manners to give one back, so here is something for you."