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Continent Elona
Town The Kodash Bazaar
Neighbor(s) Kourna
Realm of Torment
The Desolation
Campaign Nightfall
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Vabbi signpost.

The northern province of Vabbi is known for its great wealth and refined culture. Merchant princes pride themselves on their large estates, prosperous businesses, and patronage of the arts. Its provincial government, the Grand Forum of Vabb, is a plutocracy: only the wealthiest princes in the land have the power to make laws. Their legislature is openly democratic, but secretly, a merchant with influence has more power than a councilor with one vote.

Vabbian princes rule the land. Most plutocrats sponsor great festivals and celebrations to display their importance and influence. Celebrations in Vabbian estates are wonders to behold: Dancers flourish in their elegant fashions, gourmands sample cuisine, revelers consume epic quantities of alcohol, and cultured citizens enjoy great works of drama and poetry. Heroes are welcomed at these festivals, where their heroism is celebrated in songs and stories.

The Vabbi are effusive in displays of self-importance, but also keenly aware of how much they depend on other Elonians. The guards of Vabbian estates watch the mountain range to the north, while citizens on the province's southern border depend on neighboring Kournans to keep them safe. Outside the walls of the grand estates, danger is everywhere. Raiders know secret passes through the mountains and mines, and monstrous creatures roam the landscape. Fortunately, every generation of Vabbi includes idealists who dream of adventurous journeys across Elona. New tales of adventure appear on the shelves of Vabbi's libraries each year, as actors portray new heroes on the stages of Vabbian theaters.

The Guild Wars Nightfall Manuscripts

Vabbi is ruled by their clanmarshals, also referred to as princes. The three most prominent princes are referred to as the Princes of Vabbi: Prince Ahmtur the Mighty, Prince Bokka the Magnificent, and Prince Mehtu the Wise. Vabbians enjoy various arts, from acting and dancing to paintings. In at least one case, actors in Vabbi have their own guild: The Lyssan Fools. Most Vabbians worship Lyssa, the patron goddess of the province. The Vabbian military is not a united force, but rather guards of estates and of princes, most of which are led or affiliated with Prince Ahmtur.

The lands not making up the Vabbians' estates are riddled with hostile plants, Harpies, Hekets, and other beasts.

Towns and outposts[edit]

Mission outposts:


Explorable areas[edit]



  • Dining in the Great Hall (only during Tihark Orchard)
  • Festival of Lyss
  • Garden of Seborhin
  • Path to War (only during Tihark Orchard)
  • Resplendent Makuun
  • The Makers' Song


Gw2logo.png The Guild Wars 2 Wiki also has an article on Domain of Vabbi.
  • To be able to reach Vabbi, you need to follow the storyline or take a long route through The Desolation.
  • The oval shaped structure north of the Halls of Chokhin is Ahmtur Arena which was not implemented in the retail version of the game. This area is no longer accessible.

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