Dasha Vestibule

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Disambig icon.png This article is about a mission. This name is also used for an outpost and a Zaishen mission quest. For the explorable area, see The Hidden City of Ahdashim.
Dasha Vestibule
Dasha Vestibule map.jpg
Campaign Nightfall
Region Vabbi
Type Cooperative
Party size 8
Required hero Margrid the Sly
Duration Medium
Preceded by Greed and Regret
Followed by Pledge of the Merchant Princes
A Sound of Ancient Horns
Brains or Brawn
Destroy the Harpies

The merchant princes have taken refuge within the Hidden City with heavy defenses such as Djinn guardians, traps and locked gates. In order to reach the princes, the party must travel with Goren and Margrid the Sly and complete three trials to unlock the door to the inner sanctum.

This mission represents a branch in the storyline which is determined by your choice of Margrid the Sly or Master of Whispers. If you have Master of Whispers, you may return to this mission after completing Abaddon's Gate or enter with someone who has Margrid the Sly.

Mission information[edit]



Gain access to the vault's inner sanctum and rescue the two princes.

  • Complete the trial in each chamber to open the way into the inner sanctum. [0...3] of 3 trials completed.
  • Defeat the Eternal Guardians to complete the Trial of Eternity.
  • Answer the riddles posed by the Divine Djinn to pass the Trial of Divinity.
  • Solve the crystal key puzzle to complete the Trial of Wisdom.
  • Defeat the enraged djinn to reach the two princes.
  • Goren must survive.
  • *Bonus* Help Margrid collect the Treasure of Ahdashim.
  • [0...3] of 3 treasures found.


Normal mode Treasures found Rewards
Standard 0 1,000 XP 100Gold 1 Skill-point-tango-icon-20.png 25 Sunspear promotion points
Expert's 1 - 2 1,500 XP 150Gold 1 Skill-point-tango-icon-20.png 25 Sunspear promotion points
Master's 3 2,000 XP 200Gold 1 Skill-point-tango-icon-20.png 25 Sunspear promotion points
Hard mode Treasures found Rewards
Standard 0 1,000 XP 200Gold 1 Skill-point-tango-icon-20.png 80 Sunspear promotion points
Expert's 1 - 2 2,000 XP 300Gold 1 Skill-point-tango-icon-20.png 80 Sunspear promotion points
Master's 3 3,000 XP 500Gold 1 Skill-point-tango-icon-20.png 80 Sunspear promotion points


Talk to the Lock of Ahdashim in the Dasha Vestibule outpost to start the mission. Goren will be in the starting area; speak to him and he will join the party. He will need to survive the mission. The entrance to the three chambers has a number of groups of Djinn. Tackle them one group at a time. When fighting groups of Djinn, the Ruby Djinns using Searing Flames should be a priority target as they can deal massive amounts of damage to the party. Proceed towards the far wall where you will find three paths. The central path leads to the Trial of Eternity, the left the Trial of Divinity, and the right leads to the Trial of Wisdom. The only path open at this time is the Trial of Eternity.

Trial of Eternity[edit]

There are six Eternal Guardians which produce global environmental effects for this trial. Defeating a guardian will remove its effect. Complete the trial by defeating all six guardians.

The guardians may produce one of three environmental effects. The guardians at the base of the stairs produce lesser effects than those further back. These effects are as follows:

Name Lesser effect Greater effect
Eternal Suffering -1 health degeneration -2 health degeneration
Eternal Lethargy Move 10% slower Move 20% slower
Eternal Languor Skills recharge 10% slower Skills recharge 20% slower

Note that when you reach the stairs, the left path is slightly more difficult, as the guardians of the sapphire chest will spawn once the party gets close to the chest and augment the group of Djinn and guardians already there. Either pull the Djinns away from the chest or take the path to the right. This requires defeating the Ruby of Ahdashim which is needed for the bonus.

Upon completing the trial, the door to the Trial of Divinity will open.

Trial of Divinity[edit]

There are two traps placed just after the left turn in the entrance corridor to this trial (one fire, and one water). It is imperative that you pull the Djinn away from the traps to battle them, in order to avoid accidentally being caught in the traps.

Towards the back of the room stands a row of Divine Guardians. They will ask questions regarding the Gods of Tyria, and you must choose the answer that fits the clue the best. The clues change during each run of the mission, but the answers are always the same. From left to right, the correct answers are as follows:

  1. Balthazar
  2. Dwayna
  3. Grenth
  4. Lyssa
  5. Melandru
  6. Abaddon

If you give the wrong answer, a group of foes will spawn around you, but the Divine Guardian will still count as completed.

After answering all six questions (one way or the other), the door to the Trial of Wisdom will open.

Trial of Wisdom[edit]

Like the Trial of Divinity, the first turn is greeted with a pair of Djinn and a pair of water traps. Pull the Djinn away from the traps to battle before proceeding.

The main chamber includes four Thunder of Ahdashim — these are essentially Diamond Djinn that use Quake Of Ahdashim, a skill that knocks down and damages characters in the area. Since it also destroys any crystal keys they may be carrying, you should kill them before attempting the puzzle.

The puzzle itself involves two Crystal Keys, four obelisks numbered 2, 3, 5, and 7 (the first four prime numbers), and six pedestals numbered 6, 10, 14, 15, 21, and 35. Your objective is to activate (using the keys) two of these pedestals whose numbers are divisible by the numbers on the obelisks. As you place a key, the matching obelisks will display keys (meaning they are activated). Make sure you do not overlap. Proper combinations are suggested below.

Incorrectly matching pedestals resets the puzzles and spawns new Ahdashim. After completing this puzzle, the final set of doors (leading to the end-bosses) will open.

There are three combinations that work, each matching pedestal pairs the same distance from the center:

  • Edge pair: 6 & 35
  • Off-center pair: 10 & 21
  • Center pair: 14 & 15.

Central Chamber[edit]

If doing the bonus, don't forget to pick up the Sapphire Treasure as you make your way to the final room.

The final stage of the mission contains three Djinn bosses. Luckily, each boss may be pulled and fought separately from the others. The mission ends after defeating the last one.

  • Most groups find Kormab (the elementalist boss) to be the most dangerous. Kormab uses several AoE spells and can quickly wipe out clustered parties; be sure to spread before taking him on. Alternatively, you can shut down his offense (e.g. using interrupts) or use anti-caster hexes (e.g. Backfire). Pain Inverter is also very effective.
  • Goren must stay alive, so make sure he does not rush ahead into the group of bosses while you are pulling.
  • If you want to capture skills, be sure to pull the relevant Djinn first or second; the mission ends as soon as the third boss dies.


The bonus requires you to pick up three treasures from various chests: each chest is located in one of the trial areas and the key is held by a Djinn of Ahdashim with a similar name. Very little extra effort is required for the bonus: if you follow the standard mission order (Eternity→Divinity→Wisdom), you will pick up each key before you come across the corresponding chest.

There are only two complications: as you approach each chest, a group of three Djinn will pop up (including a Ruby Djinn), but these are no harder than any of the other groups you encounter. There is a fire trap in the left trial room behind the Diamond chest, so be careful. You must also pick up the third treasure before you kill the third Djinn boss in the final room.

The chests and keys appear as follows:

Trial Chest Nearby key
Eternity Sapphire Ruby Key
Divinity Diamond Diamond Key
Wisdom Ruby Sapphire Key

Hard mode[edit]

The key to victory will depend on how you make good use of Margrid. Rangers have 30 extra armor against elemental damage and are the best suited for these occasions. Since she is a required hero, use one of the first three individual hero flags to position her in the party composition. The hardest enemies in this mission are the Ruby Djinns and the Elementalist boss which spam Searing Flames, to reduce their damage output, disable their elite with skills like Distracting Shot, Magebane Shot and Diversion. Due to the Roaring Ethers energy removal, your hero will need a generous energy base pool in order to use skills, e.g.:30~40 and a good spec in Expertise. Once the Elementalist foe has been killed, only the Dervish Djinns will remain. Flagging this hero ahead of the main team is essential to survival, she can be placed just over the aggro bubble or a bit ahead, so that all foes target lock on her rather the entire team. At the central room, eliminate the enemies that cause environmental effects to remove pressure and make sure to use this hero to trigger the chest pop-ups. While performing this technique, it is vital to pay close attention to the radar and watch enemy positioning, make sure your projectile attacks and skills will not be obstructed by the walls of each narrow corridor.

Skill recommendations[edit]




Elemental (Djinn)



Elementals (Djinn)


Elemental (Djinn)




Opening cinematic[edit]

(Fortress of Jahai)
Morgahn: "Varesh! We have located the Sunspears."
Varesh: "The Sunspears are completely irrelevant. Everything is ready. We must move at once."
Morgahn: "Surely there is an easier way."
Varesh: "No. It all comes down to this. We must do this for the good of all Kourna." [sic]
Morgahn: "Varesh, I fear for the priests."
Varesh: "The followers of Lyssa will be unharmed. I respect your faith, Morgahn, and would never harm it, even in Abaddon's name."
Morgahn: "Perhaps if I spoke to them, they would let us proceed."
Varesh: "NO! No, let me handle this. Your precious priests are safe."
Varesh: "But I must ask you, old friend, where your loyalties lie - with your faith, or with your homeland?"
Morgahn: "My loyalty is to you, Varesh. To you and Kourna."
Varesh: "Thank you, old friend. Ready the troops, General Morgahn. We move out!"
Varesh: "Ah Morgahn. Your heart is good. It is a pity there will be no place for it in our new world."
(The Hidden City of Ahdashim)
Goren: "The Hidden City of Ahdashim."
Margrid the Sly: "I've heard of it. It is filled with wealth. Piles of golden coins. Niches filled with riches."
Goren: "From here the princes command the power of the djinn."
Fire Djinn: "Intruders!"
<Party leader>: "What in the name of the gods?"
Fire Djinn: "We guard the Princes of Vabbi! Leave now or perish!"
<Party leader>: "We seek and audience with the princes."
Fire Djinn: "The princes will see no one!"
<Party leader>: "We are their allies."
Fire Djinn: "They have ordered us to keep all others out! We will keep them safe!"
Margrid the Sly: "They are hiding. Hiding while the rest of the world burns."
Goren: "I wouldn't put it past them."
Fire Djinn: "Only death awaits you here! Go no further!"
<Party leader>: "If we want the princes, we will have to go in after them."
Margrid the Sly: "Into a fortress filled with traps, wards, and hostile djinn."
Goren: "Oh yeah. This is going to be fun."

Initial dialogue[edit]

Goren: "The princes are protected in the central chamber of the city. They are locked inside and I can't get to them."
Margrid the Sly: "The sealing incantations of Ahdashim only allow those of royal blood to enter freely. All others must face the sacred trials. Luckily, you brought someone along with the necssary knowledge, skill, and valor to gain entry...namely, me."
Diamond Djinn: "INTRUDERS! Ahdashim will be your crypt!"
Margrid the Sly: "The vault's guardian spirits don't look happy to see us. This won't be easy."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

When first approaching the Trial of Eternity:

Margrid the Sly: "Ah, the Eternal Guardians. I thought these were just a myth to scare off wannabe treasure hunters."
Goren: "This is bad. The city thinks we are enemies."
Margrid the Sly: "Get ready! We'll have to take out these guardians to get through."

After solving the Trial of Eternity:

Margrid the Sly: "Now that we've finished off those pushovers, there's only two more trials to face before the door to the Central Chamber opens."
Goren: "How you know so much about this place, lady Margrid?"
Margrid the Sly: "Just Margrid, please! I've done some...okay...a lot of research on this place. Every corsair dreams of plundering the Hidden City of Ahdashim!"
Goren: "Okay, Just Margrid."
Margrid the Sly: "Sigh. I give up. Let's keep moving. The doors to the other chambers should be open now."

When first approaching the Trial of Divinity:

Margrid the Sly: "If I remember correctly, this is the Chamber of Divinity. Our knowledge of the gods will be tested here."
Goren: "I don't like tests."
Margrid the Sly: "Neither do I, but we'll just do our best. Okay, big guy? Those djinn over there look like they're waiting for us. Let's find out what we need to do next."

One of two dialogues for each Divine Guardian will randomly appear:

Divine Guardian Dialogue Alternate dialogue
First "Forged in the cauldron of battle,
I watch over the warrior-borne.
My half-brother seeks my throne.
Who am I?"

Yes Grenth
Yes Melandru
Yes Dwayna
Yes Abaddon
Yes Balthazar (correct answer)
Yes Lyssa

"My blade swings true [sic]
And deals death to the enemy.
The steadfast and the strong call upon me.
Who am I?"

Yes Grenth
Yes Melandru
Yes Dwayna
Yes Abaddon
Yes Balthazar (correct answer)
Yes Lyssa

Second "I am the most brilliant of all.
Doric came to me,
And cried for my healing.
Who am I?"

Yes Grenth
Yes Melandru
Yes Dwayna (correct answer)
Yes Abaddon
Yes Balthazar
Yes Lyssa

"I surround you
You see me daily,
Yet you do not notice me.
Who am I?"
Third "My grip is frozen.
Desmina followed me first.
All follow me eventually.
Who am I?"
"My land is cold and barren,
As are those who live there.
I walk in Dhuum's wake.
Who am I?"

Yes Grenth (correct answer)
Yes Melandru
Yes Dwayna
Yes Abaddon
Yes Balthazar
Yes Lyssa

Fourth "I am a coin:
Two sides, but a single being.
Reality and fantasy are my tools.
Who am I?"

Yes Melandru
Yes Dwayna
Yes Abaddon
Yes Balthazar
Yes Lyssa (correct answer)
Yes Grenth

"I am both the mask,
And the truth the mask conceals.
Sara saw my true form.
Who am I?"

Yes Dwayna
Yes Abaddon
Yes Balthazar
Yes Lyssa (correct answer)
Yes Grenth
Yes Melandru

Fifth "I am found in the fields and forests.
My voice springs from the Elon.
I made Ewan's people my stewards.
Who am I?"

Yes Balthazar
Yes Lyssa
Yes Grenth
Yes Melandru (correct answer)
Yes Dwayna
Yes Abaddon

"I am the wilderness.
I am the beasts of the land.
You walk upon my domain.
Who am I?"
Sixth "I am shadow and secrets.
Call not upon me...
Lest you be damned.
Who am I?"

Yes Grenth
Yes Melandru
Yes Dwayna
Yes Abaddon (correct answer)
Yes Balthazar
Yes Lyssa

"My eyes see all.
My voice sounds in the depths.
The Margonites serve me best.
Who am I?"

Yes Balthazar
Yes Lyssa
Yes Grenth
Yes Melandru
Yes Dwayna
Yes Abaddon (correct answer)

If the correct answer is chosen:

Divine Guardian: "Correct. Your knowledge pleases the gods."

If the wrong answer is chosen:

Divine Guardian: "Your knowledge of the gods is lacking. You must pay for your mistake in blood. Should you survive, you may continue the trial."

If you speak to one without answering the previous one:

Divine Guardian: "I shall riddle you in the due course of time. Speak with me again once you have progressed further into the trial."

After answering all six questions:

Divine Guardian: "You have demonstrated a keen knowledge of the gods. This trial is complete. You have earned the right to continue on. May the gods walk with you."

After solving the Trial of Divinity:

Margrid the Sly: "Now that wasn't too bad, wasn't it?"
Goren: "My head hurts."
Margrid the Sly: "Toughen up, big man. It's nothing a little absinthe won't take care of."
Margrid the Sly: "On to the last trial we go. Let's get this over with."

When first approaching the Trial of Wisdom:

Goren: "What are all these numbered thingies?"
Margrid the Sly: "This must be the Trial of Wisdom. Not many have made it this far, so I don't know much. The numbers are supposed to be the key."
Goren: "Not math! I hate math. It makes my brain hurt more than god tests."

After solving the Trial of Wisdom:

Goren: "The door to the princes open now?"
Margrid the Sly: "Should be. Let's hurry. The treasure...I mean, the princes...are waiting."
Goren: "I have a bad feeling about this...."

Ending cinematic[edit]

Anomaly Anomaly.Goren might show up twice in the cinematic
<Party leader>: "Princes! Your people need you!"
Prince Bokka the Magnificent: "Go away! We're safe here."
<Party leader>: "What good is security when your people are suffering?"
Margrid the Sly: "And if we can get to you, can't Varesh do the same?"
Prince Mehtu the Wise: "No, no, you are right. We should use the djinn to protect our people, not ourselves."
Prince Mehtu the Wise: "We have been terrible fools."
Prince Bokka the Magnificent: "Speak for yourself. Obviously I must find a more secure location! Goren! Fetch my sedan chair!"
Goren: "Fetch it yourself. I quit."
Prince Bokka the Magnificent: "Quit? I am your ruler. Your leader!"
Goren: "A real leader earns the loyalty of his people. He doesn't bully them."
Prince Bokka the Magnificent: "Fine, I'll double your pay!"
Margrid the Sly: "Forget it. There's more to life than just money."
<Party leader>: "What did you say?"
Margrid the Sly: "Don't ever say that I said that. It would cost me my reputation."
Margrid the Sly: "What the-?"
Margrid the Sly: "What is that?"
<Party leader>: "It means we are too late. Nightfall has come to Elona."


  • For most of the mission, Goren should sustain little damage. The most dangerous times are if you try to run away, as Goren will usually be last to follow and thus be the focus of enemy fire. This is especially true in the Central Chamber fight where the bosses may deal lethal damage to Goren should you need to flee. Traps also have a possibility to deal substantial damage to Goren if not careful.
  • After completing this mission, your party will be taken to the Kodash Bazaar.
  • Completion of this mission will fill in page #9 in the Night Falls storybook.


  • If you leave one of the final three bosses alive and sneak/run past it into the main courtyard area, you will find a second Goren standing on the steps behind the two princes. Walk close enough and he will join your party as an ally, both Gorens will appear in the final cinematic.

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