Dasha Vestibule (cinematic)

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Dasha Vestibule
Plays during Dasha Vestibule
Region Vabbi
Location The Hidden City of Ahdashim
Campaign Nightfall

Dasha Vestibule cinematic still.jpg
"We've been terrible fools."


Major characters[edit]


<Party leader>: "Princes! Your people need you!"
Prince Bokka the Magnificent: "Go away! We're safe here."
<Party leader>: "What good is security when your people are suffering?"
Margrid the Sly: "And if we can get to you, can't Varesh do the same?"
Prince Mehtu the Wise: "No, no, you are right. We should use the djinn to protect our people, not ourselves."
Prince Mehtu the Wise: "We have been terrible fools."
Prince Bokka the Magnificent: "Speak for yourself. Obviously I must find a more secure location! Goren! Fetch my sedan chair!"
Goren: "Fetch it yourself. I quit."
Prince Bokka the Magnificent: "Quit? I am your ruler. Your leader!"
Goren: "A real leader earns the loyalty of his people. He doesn't bully them."
Prince Bokka the Magnificent: "Fine, I'll double your pay!"
Margrid the Sly: "Forget it. There's more to life than just money."
<Party leader>: "What did you say?"
Margrid the Sly: "Don't ever say that I said that. It would cost me my reputation."
Margrid the Sly: "What the-?"
Margrid the Sly: "What is that?"
<Party leader>: "It means we are too late. Nightfall has come to Elona."
Anomaly Anomaly.Goren might show up twice in the cinematic

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