Gates of Desolation (cinematics)

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Gates of Desolation
Plays during Gate of Desolation
Region Desolation
Location The Sulfurous Wastes
Campaign Nightfall

Gate of Desolation cinematic still.jpg
Cinematic — You are more capable than I thought.


Minor characters[edit]


Palawa Joko: "Well, well, you seem to be more capable than I thought."
Zhed Shadowhoof: "Given your low expectations, that would not be hard."
Palawa Joko: "Easy now, my little plough horse. Now if you don't mind, I will be taking my leave."
Zhed Shadowhoof: "This abomination preyed on my people centuries ago. Let us return him to his tomb."
Palawa Joko: "It took the armies of the Ossa clan to defeat me before. You think your motley band are their equal?"
<Party leader>: "Zhed. Let him go."
Zhed Shadowhoof: "He's dangerous. We should burn him."
<Party leader>: "He gave us what we wanted. We will let him go on his way."
Palawa Joko: "And that is why humans rule and your people are beasts of burden. They think things through."
Zhed Shadowhoof: "We've not seen the last of him. He'll be back, and we'll regret having helped him."

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