The Desolation

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The Desolation
The Desolation.jpg
Continent Elona
Town None
Neighbor(s) Crystal Desert
Realm of Torment
Campaign Nightfall
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Interactive Map of The Desolation
Non-interactive maps
The Desolation signpost.jpg
The Desolation signpost.

The Desolation is situated on the northwestern portion of Elona, connected to the Crystal Desert. It is one of the most hostile regions on Tyria due to its sulfurous sands. It is riddled with poisonous sulfur deserts and is home to many undead creatures and the great Junundu wurms. The land was once under the rule of Palawa Joko but following his imprisonment the undead armies have gone through schisms and formed smaller groups.

The Desolation was once the coast of the Crystal Sea, and described as being a "valley of verdant growth." It was here that Abaddon was cast down by the other gods and banished into the Realm of Torment. His fall shattered and poisoned the land, turning it into what it is now. As the place where he was cast down, the Desolation is the part of Tyria closest to the Realm of Torment and it has begun to leak through and twist the already damaged lands.

Towns and outposts[edit]

Mission outposts:


Challenge missions:

Explorable areas[edit]



  • Black Sails at Dawn
  • Lost Dynasties
  • Turai's Legacy



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