Lonely Vigil

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Lonely Vigil
The Lonely Vigil.jpg
Campaign Prophecies
Region Crystal Desert
Type Landmark
Nicholas the Traveler The Arid Sea map.jpg
Location in the Arid Sea
The Lonely Vigil fallen.jpg
The Lonely Vigil after it fell.
The Lonely Vigil facing the sun.jpg
The Lonely Vigil facing the sun.
The Lonely Vigil Desolation.jpg
The Lonely Vigil from Crystal Overlook.

Statue of a warrior in the far northwest, facing unknown lands.


The Lonely Vigil is a gigantic statue of a female Warrior located in the south west side of The Arid Sea. From a distance, the statue appears to be standing upright. When approached, the statue instantly breaks down, and only the boots remain upright. After this, the body serves as a bridge between two mesas and provides access to the Forgotten NPC Siliss Yassith.

The statue can also be seen from the Crystal Overlook in Elona. Observed from a distance, the statue seems to be moving back and forth, as if it's about to fall over; however you never actually see it fall. One moment it's up, the next moment it's down, without any animation.


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  • This statue and the Ancient Weapon were originally meant to be a part of a quest. However, time and design changes at the last minute ended up seeing this prop put into the game as it currently is.
  • The name of this landmark comes from the gw.dat.

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