Ancient Weapon

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Ancient Weapon
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Single-use No
Campaign Prophecies

The Ancient Weapon is the weapon that Yannel Brunn speaks of that destroyed his city, located in the northwest portion of the Arid Sea. The Ancient Weapon can be found within the ruins of that city.

Now, the Ancient Weapon seems to be guarded by several Enchanted armor.


Route from Augury Rock.


  • The item was originally designed to be used to knock down the Lonely Vigil as part of the Forgotten Wisdom quest. Unfortunately, time did not allow for the quest to be completed, so this was cut just prior to release. It now serves no purpose in the game world and has no effect.
  • This item does not always appear.
  • The ancient weapon reappears in Guild Wars 2; it can be found in the Durmand Priory's special collections archives.