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Summoning stones are a type of consumable used to summon allies to assist the player. The ally will be at the player character's level and last for 30 minutes (with the exception of the Igneous Summoning Stone, whose Fire Imp lasts for 60 minutes) or until slain in combat. Activating a summoning stone causes the player character to suffer from Summoning Sickness, which temporarily prevents them from using another summoning stone for 10 minutes. Most summoning stones can be used only once; however, there are two with infinite uses: the Igneous Summoning Stone and Legionnaire Summoning Crystal.

Although the in-game descriptions of all summoning stones indicate that they "can only be used in explorable areas", they can also be used in missions and dungeons. Summoning stones cannot be used during solo quests or Augury Rock; however, they can be used during Tihark Orchard. There can only be one summoned ally in an instance at a time. This ally will follow the summoner, similar to minions, but they almost never break off combat, often leading to their demise in the event of a retreat.

List of summoning stones[edit]

Icon Name Summoned Ally Acquisition
Amber Summoning Stone.png Amber Summoning Stone Warrior Juggernaut Crafted by Aiiane in Urgoz's Warren.
Arctic Summoning Stone.png Arctic Summoning Stone Warrior Kveldulf Crafted by Eyja [Consumables] in Gunnar's Hold.
Automaton Summoning Stone.png Automaton Summoning Stone Dervish Golem Quest reward for Zinn's Task.
Celestial Summoning Stone.png Celestial Summoning Stone Rewarded during Canthan New Year finales
Chitinous Summoning Stone.png Chitinous Summoning Stone Ranger Devourer Crafted by Edwin [Consumables] in the Eye of the North.
Demonic Summoning Stone.png Demonic Summoning Stone Assassin Oni Drops from Kanaxai's Chest.
Fossilized Summoning Stone.png Fossilized Summoning Stone Assassin Raptor Crafted by Kwat [Consumables] in Rata Sum.
Frosty Summoning Stone.png Frosty Summoning Stone Monk Snowman Wintersday only: crafted by Will Brockman in the Eye of the North or as a quest reward for The Three Wise Norn.
Gelatinous Summoning Stone.png Gelatinous Summoning Stone Elementalist Ooze Crafted by Alcus Nailbiter [Consumables] in the Central Transfer Chamber.
Ghastly Summoning Stone.png Ghastly Summoning Stone Mesmer Dream Rider Drops from the Underworld Chest.
Igneous Summoning Stone.png Igneous Summoning Stone Elementalist Fire Imp Typing the /bonus command if your account meets certain requirements. 1
Imperial Guard Reinforcement Order.png Imperial Guard Reinforcement Order 3x Imperial Guard Allies
Warrior, Ranger
Crafted by Zan Lei in Kaineng Center.
Jadeite Summoning Stone.png Jadeite Summoning Stone Ranger Siege Turtle Crafted by Alaris in The Deep.
Legionnaire Summoning Crystal.png Legionnaire Summoning Crystal Warrior Legionnaire Wayfarer's Reverie only: traded by Fylinn, Sworn to Winds.
Mercantile Summoning Stone.png Mercantile Summoning Stone Warrior Merchant Drops from Gift of the Traveler.
Mischievous Summoning Stone.png Mischievous Summoning Stone Necromancer Grentch Wintersday only: crafted by Will Brockman in the Eye of the North or as a quest reward for Charr-broiled Plans.
Mysterious Summoning Stone.png Mysterious Summoning Stone Drops from Gift of the Traveler.
Mystical Summoning Stone.png Mystical Summoning Stone Ritualist Gaki Drops from Urgoz's Chest.
Shining Blade War Horn.png Shining Blade War Horn 3x Shining Blade Allies
Warrior,Ranger,Monk[verification requested], Elementalist
Drops from Royal Gift.
Tengu Support Flare.png Tengu Support Flare 3x Angchu Tengu Allies
Warrior,Ranger,Monk,Necromancer,Mesmer,Elementalist,Assassin, Ritualist
Drops from Imperial Guard Lockbox.
Zaishen Summoning Stone.png Zaishen Summoning Stone Traded by Pokhe in the Great Temple of Balthazar. Drops from Zaishen Strongboxes.
1 The Igneous Summoning Stone is the only stone with infinite uses and that summons an ally that remains for up to 60 minutes.


Ball Hammer assigned to the Merchant
A summoned Fire Imp spawning in an unreachable location
  • If the summoner is buffed by Journey to the North, the ally will be summoned at the character's actual level, not the buffed level of 20.
  • Summons are immune to the poisoned Swamp water in Kryta and Sulfurous Haze.
  • Summons are not infused.
  • Summons can gain levels.
Anomaly Anomaly.When dropped on the ground, non-crafted summoning stones do not emit the typical sparkle effect.
Bug Bug.Like other allies and miniatures, summons will remain stuck on the other side after the party has passed through a teleporter, e.g. in the Crystal Desert or in the Underworld.
Bug Bug.A Spirit of Restoration will resurrect creatures created via summoning stones.
Bug Bug.In extremely rare circumstances, drops can be assigned to a summoned creature and cannot be picked up by anyone. However, once the item loses its assignment, anyone will be able to grab it.
Bug Bug.In extremely rare circumstances, when using a summoning stone below a bridge, the summoned creature can sometimes spawn above it.


Summoning stones
One use Amber Summoning Stone.png Amber  Arctic Summoning Stone.png Arctic  Automaton Summoning Stone.png Automaton  Celestial Summoning Stone.png Celestial  Chitinous Summoning Stone.png Chitinous  Demonic Summoning Stone.png Demonic  Fossilized Summoning Stone.png Fossilized  Frosty Summoning Stone.png Frosty  Gelatinous Summoning Stone.png Gelatinous  Ghastly Summoning Stone.png Ghastly  Imperial Guard Reinforcement Order.png Imperial Guard  Jadeite Summoning Stone.png Jadeite  Mercantile Summoning Stone.png Mercantile  Mischievous Summoning Stone.png Mischievous  Mysterious Summoning Stone.png Mysterious  Mystical Summoning Stone.png Mystical  Shining Blade War Horn.png Shining Blade Tengu Support Flare.png Tengu Zaishen Summoning Stone.png Zaishen
Infinite uses Igneous Summoning Stone.png Igneous Legionnaire Summoning Crystal.png Legionnaire

Allies from summoning stones
Core Warrior Champion of BalthazarFootmanLegionnaireMerchantRestless Corpse WarriorRanger Guild LordGhostly Hero Ranger ArcherSwarm of Bees

Monk Priest of Balthazar Mesmer Crystal SpiderDream Rider Elementalist Crystal GuardianFire ImpSaltspray DragonSmoke Phantom
AssassinWhite Rabbit Dervish Avatar of BalthazarBlack Beast of AaaaarrrrrrggghhhGolem

Factions Warrior JuggernautCelestial Dog WarriorAssassin Celestial Ox WarriorRanger Celestial Tiger Ranger Siege Turtle Monk Celestial Horse Necromancer Celestial PigCelestial Rat

Mesmer Celestial Rooster Elementalist Celestial Dragon Assassin Celestial RabbitOni AssassinRanger Celestial Snake Ritualist Gaki Paragon Celestial Monkey Dervish Celestial Sheep

Eye of the North Warrior Kveldulf Ranger Devourer Elementalist Ooze Assassin Raptor Monk Snowman Necromancer Grentch
Beyond Any Shining Blade AllyImperial Guard AllyAngchu Tengu Ally