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The spirit of adventure is always moving us forward, but it can be difficult to reflect on the journey while you’re in motion. Recent scholarship has unearthed a festival, once observed by our forebearers, that addresses just this notion. The Wayfarer’s Reverie honors the traveler inside each of us, encouraging revelry and revisitation. The world is yours to explore—again or for the first time. Join the celebration!

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Celebrate the spirit of adventure and join the Wayfarer's Reverie! Starting August 25th at Noon Pacific (-7 GMT), festival coordinators will offer quests taking you to the far corners of the world. In addition, all [sic] the weekly bonuses will be active during this weeklong event. For more information, visit http://www.guildwars.com/.

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The spirit of adventure beckons to you! It’s time to seek out the festival coordinator on each continent and start a quest to prove your adventuring prowess. Collect enough evidence of your travels and receive a special gift!

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Wayfarer's Reverie is a special event that occurs annually from August 25, 19:00, to September 1, 19:00 UTC (source), coinciding with the Guild Wars 2 original release date on August 28. It is comprised of four quests which take players throughout memorable locations related to the main plots of the Guild Wars campaigns and expansion. PvE foes drop Wayfarer's Marks during this event, which can be traded to Reverie Prize Distributors.


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The following quests are available during this event. Accepting the quest reward on one character will remove the quest from any other characters that may have it. The quests do not all need to be completed on one character, as the proofs may be transferred between characters on one account via Xunlai Chest. Unlike most other quests, these quests can only be completed once per account per year and their objectives can be completed in any order.

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After completing all of the quests, you can exchange the proofs to Fylinn, Sworn to Winds for only one of the following items:

Weekly bonuses[edit]

The following weekly bonuses are active during this event (source):

  • Elonian Support Bonus
  • Extra Luck Bonus
  • Faction Support Bonus
  • Northern Support Bonus


Have additional or altered dialogue during Wayfarer's Reverie
Only appear during Wayfarer's Reverie
Core Prophecies Factions Nightfall Eye of the North
Embark Beach
Heroes' Ascent
Druid's Overlook
Lion's Arch
Harvest Temple
Kaineng Center
Sunqua Vale
Kamadan, Jewel of Istan
Mehtani Keys
Mihanu Township
Arbor Bay
Dalada Uplands
Eye of the North
Longeye's Ledge


  • The rewards for completing each of the four Wayfarer's Reverie quests are the campaign's/expansion's year of release in experience and Guild Wars 2's year of release in gold.
  • Introduced in 2012.
  • In 2012, Fylinn, Sworn to Winds awarded a Reverie Gift for completing all the event quests. Beginning in 2013, Fylinn, Sworn to Winds offers a choice of an Everlasting Legionnaire Tonic, Legion Loot Bag, Legionnaire Summoning Crystal or Miniature Legionnaire; she also offers a choice of a Reverie Gift if your account has never received a Reverie Gift before.
  • In 2013, eight Xunlai Archivist NPCs were introduced (source 1, 2).


Wayfarer's Reverie

To celebrate the upcoming launch of Guild Wars 2 join us for Wayfarer's Reverie, a nostalgic in-game event. Revisit scenic locales in Guild Wars to reflect fondly on all the adventures you've had while also looking ahead to new adventures. We'll have special festival drops, bonuses, and new quests for those who join the festivities. Celebrate Wayfarer's Reverie until August 30! [sic]

Login screen announcements

Good news! Wayfarer Reverie has been extended until Monday at Noon (PDT)

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  • Unlike Seventh Year Anniversary Celebration, all weekend event bonuses (with the exception of "Triple key/lockpick drops AND double your luck points" and PvP-only weekend events) were active during Wayfarer's Reverie. Confirmed weekend events were:
    • Double Gold, Scrolls and XP for Vanquishing
    • Double Luxon and Kurzick title points
    • Double Sunspear & Lightbringer Points
    • Double XP for elite captures and double green item drop rate
    • Eye of the North Reputation Weekend
  • If you completed the entire quest chain before the August 20, 2012 update, you could have done the quests again for the quest rewards; however, an account could not receive a second Reverie Gift.
  • In 2012, this event occurred from noon August 18 to noon September 3 Pacific Daylight Time (PDT; -7 GMT).
    • This event originally ended on August 30 as scheduled, but was reinstated later that day and extended until September 3 (PDT).
    • Beginning in 2013, this event occurs annually from noon August 25 to noon September 1 (PDT).

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