Wayfarer's Reverie: Elona

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Wayfarer's Reverie: Elona
Section Festival Event Quests
Event Wayfarer's Reverie
Given by Festival Coordinator Khuri
in Kamadan, Jewel of Istan
Type Festival quest

Quest information[edit]





Initial dialogue[edit]

Festival Coordinator Khuri

"The Wayfarer's Reverie is a celebration of beauty. The urge to travel is the desire to witness, with your own eyes, the many wonders of the world, from the hanging gardens of Vabbi to the timeless sands of the Desolation.
Let this festival be a reminder to take joy in the scenery around you. As you travel through these lands, pause to enjoy the breathtaking sights of Elona, both natural and man-made."
Yes Accept: "I look forward to seeing the wonders of the Land of the Golden Sun."
No Decline: "I have more important things to do than stop and smell the Marahja flowers."
Ask Ask: "Visit each location and let the world's splendor wash over you."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Festival Coordinator Khuri

"The myriad lands reflected in your eyes is the beauty of this festival. I can see that your journeys across Elona have not been fruitless.
To remind you of the Land of the Golden Sun when your travels take you away from it, take this with you."


  • Only one player character in the party needs to arrive at the objective, which strongly encourages running. The runner does not need the quest to trigger the objective for other players.
  • Leaving from Blacktide Den allows you to take a party of 8 to Fahranur, The First City making it significantly easier.
  • This quest has good synergy with the final objective of Wayfarer's Reverie: Tyria, going from the Crystal Overlook into the Arid Sea, but only if Wayfarer's Reverie: Tyria is active.
  • The objectives of the four quests can be done in any order. Specific to this quest, going to the Arid Sea via the teleporter (last in the list) can be done before the other objectives of this quest.