Halls of Chokhin

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Halls of Chokhin
Holdings of Chokhin.jpg
Campaign Nightfall
Region Vabbi
Type Landmark
Halls of Chokhin map.jpg
Map to Halls of Chokhin.

Large series of plazas and courts inhabited by scribes and sages, controlled by Prince Mehtu the Wise. Much of the knowledge of Vabbi is incised on great magical plinths and woven into mystical banners.


The Halls of Chokhin is the palace of Prince Mehtu the Wise. The palace serves as a great library to the prince, and is staffed by numerous librarians. It is part of the Holdings of Chokhin, but as it is not an outpost it cannot be accessed by map travel. It can be accessed by going out of Mihanu Township (into Holdings of Chokhin) and going north. Having the quest Pledge of the Merchant Princes active helps to locate this landmark as it leads you here.

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