Vabbian Priest

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Vabbian Priest
Vabbian priest m.jpg
Affiliation Vabbians
Type Human
Profession Warrior Warrior
Level(s) 10 (20)
Campaign Nightfall

Vabbian Priests are devotees of Lyssa who can be found in several locations in Vabbi.





Before completion of the Tihark Orchard mission:

"Have you been to the temple? It's lovely this time of year."
"Lyssa preaches of the duality in all things. Even Varesh sending aid has another side to it."
"The sun and the moon are in an eternal dance. One must fall before the other can rise."
"The teachings of Lyssa speak of Nightfall. Some fear it is approaching."
"There is beauty in everything; even the Kournans."

After completion of Tihark Orchard:

"Hunting Sunspears? You might as well track the wind."
"Praise Lyssa! Come pray with us."
"Such a terrible thing to happen at such a joyous event."
"Vabbi's troops will not be enough to keep us safe."
"We have nothing to fear from the Kournans. General Morgahn is a devout worshiper of Lyssa."

After completion of the Dasha Vestibule mission:

"I saw strange monsters in the mountains. What are they doing?"
"Lyssa save us from Varesh. I just don't trust her."
"Prince Bokka is a relative of mine. Please tell me he's safe."
"Thank you for your donation to the temple."
"The gods save us all from Nightfall."

After completion of the Dzagonur Bastion mission:

"Lyssa was surely with Ahmtur the Mighty this day."
"Isn't this the best time of day for a nap?"
"Our leader is very strict. We must stay close to the temple at all times."
"What do you mean we can't go to the Citadel of Dzagon? We must tend to the wounded."
"Would you like to make a donation?"

After completion of the Grand Court of Sebelkeh mission:

"How could General Morgahn, a devout worshipper of Lyssa, let this happen?"
"I'll go to my goddess soon. Perhaps we should pray together one last time."
"Our beautiful temple! Look what they've done to it."
"The temple is destroyed...and Lyssa no longer answers my prayers."
"This is Nightfall. It is truly here."

After completion of the Ruins of Morah mission:

"Death is just the other side of life."
"Lyssa, send us heroes!"
"This end was foretold. Nothing can be done to stop it."
"We're taking collections to rebuild the temple. Donations are welcome."
"When I'm alone in the dark, I pray this is all nothing more than dream, but I can't seem to wake up."

After completion of the Abaddon's Gate mission:

"Every day more people come into the city, talking about monsters in the wilderness."
"I think I'll plant a garden here."
"Nightfall was just a horrible dream. I'm glad we all finally woke up."
"There's so much work to be done. We have to rebuild Lyssa's temple."
"They say that part of the treasury will go to rebuilding our temple. I'm so excited."