Prince Mehtu the Wise

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Prince Mehtu the Wise
Prince Mehtu the Wise.jpg
Affiliation Vabbians
Type Human
Level(s) 20
Campaign Nightfall
"Mehtu" concept art.jpg
Concept art by Kekai Kotaki.
Prince Mehtu the Wise Location.jpg
location in Holdings of Chokhin

The prince of the Great Library at Chokhin has attained his position by applying his keen mind to careful research. Extremely logical, Mehtu is meticulous with details, but he often misses the "human element" when making his plans. Some see him as cold and calculating, but he isn't without humanity. Mehtu is wise enough to understand happiness, for example, and his love for his daughter means more to him than anything else in the world. He's a proud father, although sometimes he doesn't fully understand his emotional and irrational child. Unfortunately, he is also learning to understand fear. The deeper he delves into the mysteries of Vabbi, the more disturbing his revelations become. Perhaps the answers to his dilemmas lie in a comforting, unemotional routine of meticulous research.

The Guild Wars Nightfall Manuscripts




Quests involved in:


In the Tihark Orchard mission:

(For female characters) "I understand that because of you my nephew Dende is learning to dance. He is a typical child who doesn't yet understand how the beauty of a woman can move the soul. In time, I am sure he will be enticing the ladies to join him on the dance floor. In return for your kind favor to my kin, I will grant you an audience."
(For male characters) "My niece Mina tells me that, thanks to you, she has learned to dance. She is such a sweet young girl...reminds me of my beloved daughter at that age. You have put a smile on her face and brightened Mina's day. I grant you my audience in return for your kindness."
Yes "I am ready."
"Warmarshal Varesh is coming to overtake Vabbi? Serving a dark, forbidden, and evil god? Impossible! Vabbi has always been a friend to Kourna! I cannot believe she would deceive us. It is unthinkable!"

In the Halls of Chokhin:

"A rumor is floating around that you defeated that raving rummy Lumo in a mime duel. Remarkable! I should like to sit and spear with you for a time. Anyone who can defeat Lumo is worthy of my attention."
"Tell me about your library, Prince Mehtu. I hear it's magnificent."
"My library is a wonder of the world, young one. Ancient scrolls, text from Tyria, ancient Orr, Istan and Kourna, and all the strange places throughout the world can be found within its walls. I even have stone tablets that were found on an island far off the coast... an island that mysteriously disappeared thereafter. Ha! I see I have your attention. Yes, my library is magnificent. I encourage you to come and see for yourself."



Anomaly Anomaly.In the Halls of Chokhin, Mehtu references the player having defeated Lumo even if the player didn't finish the Tihark Orchard mission yet.

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