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Vabbian child m.jpg
Affiliation Vabbians
Type Human
Level(s) 2
Campaign Nightfall
Dende map.jpg
Location in Tihark Orchard
Dende is the nephew of Prince Mehtu the Wise.



For male characters:

"Will you find a girl to dance with me?"

For female characters:

"My uncle Mehtu says I should learn to dance, but my friends say I'll get sick if I touch girls 'cause they're gross and smelly!"
Yes Don't fear the cooties, child. I will show you how to dance like a chicken!
"Are you ready? Let's dance the night away!"
Using /dance emote after agreeing:
"Thank you for showing me those moves. I guess girls aren't so bad after all."
When you do not use /dance emote after agreeing:
"You don't want to dance with me? Aww shucks."
No Watch out, kiddo. What I've got is contagious. Look out!


  • When Nightfall was initially released, Dende only responded to the /dance emote. A subsequent update also included the /dancenew emote, allowing characters with signature dances to use either option.


  • There is a character in Dragon Ball named Dende.

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