Librarian Kahlidahri

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Librarian Kahlidahri
Vabbian noble f.jpg
Affiliation Vabbians
Type Human
Level(s) 10 (20)
Campaign Nightfall
Librarian Kahlidahri Location.jpg
location in Holdings of Chokhin

Librarian Kahlidahri is found wandering the southern corner of the Halls of Chokhin.



"Everyone gets so caught with magical creatures and demons they forget to catalogue the natural wonders of normal animals. I'm currently writing the definitive work on warthogs."


  • This NPC is named after a poster of the Guild Wars Online (a Guild Wars fansite forum) Lore Forum, specifically Kalidri. She started an article in the Lore Forum detailing the mundane creatures of Guild Wars. So far she has not written anything definitive on warthogs.