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This concept contains information about a Guild Wars component or feature that has been removed or replaced.
The information on this concept does not apply to the game as it currently exists.

A fansite is a website made by fans of Guild Wars (as opposed to the developers) which provides a service to the game's community. A fansite may contain any relevant feature players are interested in, such as news, forums, screenshots, encyclopedic information, and so forth.

Fansite status[edit]

ArenaNet, the game's developer, previously classified fansites for Guild Wars into four categories:

  • Listed Fansite: A website that displays material about the game in dedicated and presentable pages, separate from other games, and provides links to ArenaNet's website.
  • Honored Fansite: Listed Fansite functionality, plus: Frequent updates, hosting or linking to a forum and having a substantial amount of original content. The information presented should be of a more professional quality.
  • Elite Fansite: Honored Fansite functionality, plus: It must focus solely on Guild Wars, present all game updates and press releases from ArenaNet and provide them with statistics about the site's traffic.
  • Specialty Fansite: Elite or Honored Fansite functionality, but with a more specific focus, that may not offer some components that Honored or Elite Fansites offer. However, it still needs to fulfill the other requirements of an Elite or Honored Fansite.

All fansites were and are expected to adhere to "The Expectations," as detailed in the Guild Wars Community Fansite Program (link below). Achieving any of these levels yielded special perks for the fansite.


  • List of fansites lists currently active or archived fansites, collected by this wiki.

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