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Exclamation Point - Red Emblem.svg This section is often out of date because the source material frequently changes.

This is a list of fansites for the ArenaNet game Guild Wars.

Name Language Description
Guild Wars Legacy English News and Forums
GWW Note: Made by fans for the fans to exchange all the useful information.
Guild Wars at Reddit English Community discussion via social-networking service.
Presearing Community English News, Forum, Price Check, Guides & many other things related to Pre-Searing.
Presearing Club English News, Forum, and Guides for Pre-Searing Ascalon.
PvX Wiki English Character Builds
Guild Wiki English Deprecated Wiki
Guild Wars Comics French Comics, Forums
Guildwarseries French, English Comics German Wiki
GWSkills.Net Russian Skill Listing, Local Ladder, Build Creator (no longer updated)


  • Before the summer of 2014, there was an official roster of fansites indicating their statuses.