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Exclamation Point - Red Emblem.svg This section is often out of date because the source material frequently changes.

This is a list of fansites for the ArenaNet game Guild Wars.

Name Language Description
Guild Wars Legacy English News and Forums
GWW Note: Made by fans for the fans to exchange all the useful information.
Guild Wars at Reddit English Community discussion via social-networking service.
Presearing Community English News, Forum, Price Check, Guides & many other things related to Pre-Searing.
Presearing Club English News, Forum, and Guides for Pre-Searing Ascalon.
PvX Wiki English Character Builds
Guild Wiki English Deprecated Wiki
Guild Wars Comics French Comics, Forums
Guildwarseries French, English Comics German Wiki
Ascalon Trade Chat English Real-time Trade Feed & Search from Pre-Searing Ascalon
Kamadan Trade Chat English Real-time Trade Feed & Search from Kamadan, Jewel of Istan


  • Before the summer of 2014, there was an official roster of fansites indicating their statuses.