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Collectors are NPCs that will exchange trophies for other items. Every collector requires a specific kind of trophy, and a specific number of them, before they will provide the collector reward.

Weapons and armor can be obtained from collectors, ranging in damage and armor rating upon the region the collector is found in. Some collectors also offer items such as kits, alcohol, or festival items during special events.

In explorable areas you can locate collectors by using the mission map. Collector locations are marked with a small icon of a bag. Moving your mouse cursor over the marker tells you what they collect.

Armor collectors[edit]

An armor collector is a type of collector who in exchange of trophies will give you a piece of armor. The armor they provide is usually slightly inferior to the armor you buy from the Armor crafters in the same region. Each of these collectors only have one armor piece each to trade which means you will need to visit at least five of them to get a complete set of armor.

For every profession in the game, armor collectors will offer armor pieces with an armor rating which scale depending on the region, more precisely on the moment the character get access to it in the storyline of the campaign. This basically means that an armor collector in Ascalon will provide you a piece of armor which provide less armor rating than the same piece of armor from an armor collector in the Northern Shiverpeaks, which is reached later in the Prophecies storyline. Additionally, it is possible to get armor with maximum armor rating from collectors, but this armor cannot be upgraded with an insignia, which significantly impacts its effectiveness.

The appearance of an armor is usually related to the region and/or to the campaign, i.e. armor collectors in Istan will provide istani and elonian armor, Shing Jea armor collectors will provide Shing Jea armor, Kaineng armor collectors will provide canthan armor. However armor collectors in Prophecies no matter where they are will provide Krytan armor, oddly even in Ascalon despite the existence of an Ascalon armor and the fact that the country has been at war with Kryta during The Guild Wars, which as a consequence caused the king Adelbern to become hostile to Kryta and anything that comes from this country (an important theme in both Prophecies and the War in Kryta storylines).

Quest reward collectors[edit]

Quest reward collectors are a subtype of collectors who collect quest reward trophies (like Monastery Credits). These trophies can only be obtained as quest rewards, unlike other trophies, which are obtained as loot. These collectors offer a number of items, including the following:

Vabbi Trade Officials also offer Diamonds, Rubies and Sapphires.

Special event collectors[edit]

Festival reward collectors appear during special events collect trophies or festival trophies, such as Sentient Roots and Candy Cane Shards, in exchange for festival-exclusive items, such as Candy Cane weapons or Grab Bags.



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