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Disambig icon.png This article is about an overview of the War content. For the quest that provides guidance for this content, see The War in Kryta.
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War in Kryta is the first storyline of Guild Wars Beyond. It includes a series of one-time quests, exclusive items, and repeatable quests. The events begin with the player as an observer to seemingly minor events and end by the player participating in an epic battle to defend Kryta from invaders.

There are two ways to go through the War in Kryta content: following an overarcing quest or without the quest. Regardless of which route you take your character must have access to both Prophecies and Eye of the North, of which one is required to have been completed. If your character has not completed Eye of the North then either The Missing Vanguard or the now-removed Wintersday Cheer and either The Knowledgeable Asura or Zinn's Task must be completed. The quest-method is quicker as it allows the player to skip some dialogues and encounters; it also directs you through each step. The do-it-yourself method gives the player a richer view of the events leading up to the conclusion. Each method has its own walkthrough:

Lore background[edit]

Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of Guild Wars Prophecies.

During the Charr invasion, King Jadon fled the throne, leaving Kryta leaderless and vulnerable. At that point, Saul D'Alessio established the White Mantle in the name of his new-found gods, the Unseen Ones, and led them to victory against the Charr, beginning years of Mantle rule in Kryta. In 1072 AE, Watchman Arad discovered that the king sired an illegitimate child who became a priestess at the Temple of the Ages, Salma, and began pushing to get her to the throne. Their efforts gained the support of the Shining Blade, a rebel faction who oppose the White Mantle's rule. The White Mantle lost their leadership and most of their gods, loosening their grip over Kryta.

Since then, Kryta had been plunged into a civil war. Although the conflict is mainly between the Shining Blade and White Mantle, there are various other warlords who have been attempting to seize control themselves. In 1078 AE, the Shining Blade sought the help of the Asura to find a weapon of power to give them the upper hand in the war, but instead became embroiled in the battle against the Great Destroyer.


White Mantle

Benevolent and Wise Rulers of Kryta.

A militarized religious order that worship cruel “gods” known as the Unseen Ones, the White Mantle once defended Kryta from the charr hordes. But the saviors became tyrants. The Mantle outlawed the worship of the Old Gods and sacrificed innocent Krytans to the bloodthirsty Unseen Ones, who are actually the Mursaat, a race of sinister spellcasters.

Now, the seeds of rebellion have taken root in Kryta. The defiant Shining Blade challenges the supremacy of the White Mantle. But the Mantle will not willingly ease their grip on Kryta, and those who underestimate the Mantle and their Mursaat masters do so at their own peril!

— official website

Shining Blade

Rebel Defenders of Kryta.

The Shining Blade are freedom fighters who struggle against the oppressive White Mantle for control of Kryta. Lead by the cunning strategist Bartholos, the Shining Blade support the claim of the rightful heir Princess Salma to the Krytan throne.

From their secret jungle base, the Shining Blade wage a guerilla war against the White Mantle, striking without warning and then vanishing into the wilderness. Every day the cruelty of the White Mantle grows, and every day the ranks of the Shining Blade swell with embittered Krytans and freedom-loving adventurers. The final showdown between the royalist rebels and the cruel White Mantle draws near – and Kryta will be changed forevermore!

— official website

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War in Kryta content is available only to characters who have completed the Prophecies or Eye of the North campaigns. If you have completed Prophecies you must also own the Eye of the North expansion.


Once a character has completed either Prophecies or Eye of the North, different foes will appear in the Kryta regions of Tyria. These foes include:

  • Special White Mantle units and bosses.
  • Jade constructs, including a new Jade Cloak, who work with the mantle.
  • Peacekeepers, menacing thugs and hooligans who were hired from all the lands of Tyria to support the Mantle and seek out members of the Shining Blade and their supporters.

The War in Kryta enemies can drop unique items, miniatures, and Confessor's Orders.

Encounters with Peacekeepers[edit]

The hired hands of the Mantle are causing troubles to travelers throughout Kryta and there are a number of encounters available in Kryta.


Once your character has unlocked the new enemies they will also begin to enjoy the assistance of a variety of familiar allies who will appear as you enter many regions of Kryta.


One of the following parties will join your party near the portal in every Krytan area except Talmark Wilderness, Scoundrel's Rise, Tears of the Fallen, Twin Serpent Lakes, and Stingray Strand. These allies automatically resurrect if they die.

Shining Blade[edit]
Ebon Falcons[edit]

Courier Falken[edit]

Courier Falken will sometimes appear at the portal as you enter North Kryta Province, Nebo Terrace, and Watchtower Coast areas. He does not count as a Shining Blade or Ebon Falcon escort, so you are able to have both in your party. After he spawns, he will run towards a distant portal, aggroing enemies in range as he goes, and causing groups of White Mantle to appear in his path. He will not resurrect if he dies. If you protect him and help him arrive safely at his destination, he will give you a reward.

Explorable area changes[edit]

Many of the regions of Kryta change as the character unlocks key portions of the evolving story.

The Shining Blade Camp

The southern area of Talmark Wilderness features encounters with Shining Blade scouts, while Dakutu Village has been settled as the Shining Blade Camp.

  • The camp is permanent, but the NPCs appearing here change as the story progresses.
  • This location is where you will encounter the majority of the main dialogues which progress the story of the War in Kryta and unlock new content.
Other appearances

New explorable areas[edit]

Several areas are available only to supporters of the revolution. They can be unlocked by watching the appropriate War in Kryta dialogues. (See the flowchart and the walkthrough section of this article for more detail on unlocking content.)

After watching Livia recruit Zinn
After Salma takes up residence in Lion's Arch Keep


Once you have unlocked Lion's Arch Keep, you can access new quest content.

Wanted / Shining Blade bounty[edit]

Wanted by the Shining Blade is a quest series available in Lion's Arch Keep similar to Zaishen Bounties that targets White Mantle and Peacekeeper Bosses. Various gold and collector rewards are available. Speak to Salma to receive the rewards.

Covert Operations[edit]

Princess Salma offers the following quests once certain Shining Blade bounties are completed (see the quest page for details).

Collectors and items[edit]

The War in Kryta also includes items and collectors otherwise unavailable in Guild Wars.


There are several items exclusive to the War in Kryta:


Item name Collector Location Collects
War Supplies.png War Supplies Master Scout Braden Lion's Arch (War in Kryta) and Lion's Arch Keep 3 Confessor's Orders
Arabel Shining Blade Camp
Sagren Beetletun
Medal of Honor.png Medal of Honor Shining Blade Forager Lion's Arch (War in Kryta), Lion's Arch Keep and Shining Blade Camp 25 War Supplies
Dagan Sharru Beetletun
Royal Gift.png Royal Gift Zadok Lion's Arch (War in Kryta) and Lion's Arch Keep 15 War Supplies
Elder Rabne Shining Blade Camp
Oppressor's Weapon Lionguard (collector) Lion's Arch (War in Kryta) and Lion's Arch Keep 10 Medals of Honor
Commemorative weapon Grahame



  • The only purchasable content for War in Kryta are the costumes.
  • After The Battle for Lion's Arch:
    • You can visit Lion's Arch Keep at any time and meet with the collectors there to exchange Confessor's Orders, War Supplies, and Medals of Honor.
    • Shining Blade bounties will remain available.
    • Kryta returns to its normal spawns, unless you take a bounty — having any Wanted! quest active means that all of Kryta will be as it was during the War, regardless of the target's location.
    • Your character will be able to begin the next installment of Guild Wars Beyond, Hearts of the North.
  • After completing WiK's required quests, each character will earn 90,000 experience, 17 Platinum, 60 War Supplies, 23 Royal Gifts, and 7 Medals of Honor. (One can earn an additional 30 War Supplies by completing the required bounties in hard mode.)


  • ArenaNet conducted a marketing campaign in association with the War.
    • The multimedia part of the updates began with small pieces of information and clues about the growing conflict between the White Mantle and Shining Blade being released over several weeks. Each new image and piece of information was investigated thoroughly for possible clues as to what the impending update would hold.
    • It continued in-game starting with the April 8th, 2010 update and on the official website with reports of the events across Kryta by Murro the Scribe in War Chronicles.
    • The game content for the war was released in 10 different game updates: (April 2nd, 8th, 15th, May 6th, 14th, 21st, June 3rd, 10th, 17th, and July 8th, 2010)
    • In 2018 Linsey Murdock shared an early War in Kryta document, desribing the beginning of the design.[1]

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