Temple of the Intolerable

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Temple of the Intolerable
Section Kryta Quests
Storyline Beyond: War in Kryta
Prophecies and Eye of the North
Given by Princess Salma
in Lion's Arch Keep
Part of The War in Kryta
Preceded by A Little Help From Above
Followed by Mustering a Response
Type Secondary quest
Temple of the Intolerable map.jpg
Quest map.

Kill Koril the Malignant.

Quest information[edit]





Jiaju Tai (at the pier, in Lion's Arch) takes you to the beach. From there, head to Hakewood to speak with Dinas. After he opens the gate, travel towards Temple of Tolerance. Inside the temple, you will face multiple groups of mantles from both entrances. Clear out the groups on the platforms below Koril the Malignant, to give you room to maneuver and a place to retreat. Koril calls in reinforcements when his health drops, one time each at 75%, 50%, 25% and even 10% health.

When attacking Koril, flag heroes and hench at his location so as not to lure Patrols accidentally. If a patrol comes during the fight against Koril, retreat and deal with the patrol, then return. If more than one appears, pull them apart first. Like his reinforcements, once killed, these patrols do not return. Alternatively, kill most of the patrols and then pull Koril away from his spawn point towards the entrance stairs. Koril's reinforcements spawn at his original position, so this makes the fight much easier.

Once Koril dies, the quest is complete, and a 15-second countdown will start, automatically sending the party back to Lion's Arch upon its conclusion.

Skill and tactics recommendations
  • Flag your party at edge of the balcony where Koril stands. Next, Pull (and kill) Koril's allies. Finally, pull and kill Koril. This allows you to avoid any patrols and reinforcements (since the latter spawn only on/near the altar).
  • There are plenty of corpses to power minion masters. However, use caution against Koril; the minions can easily over-aggro patrols or otherwise undermine your efforts to pull Koril separately.
  • Interrupts shorten the fight by preventing Koril from using life stealing skills.
  • Manage your team carefully: pull groups, flag your team apart, and avoid accidentally aggroing the wrong groups. For this mission, the caster and ranger henchmen are easier to control.




Humans (White Mantle)


Humans (White Mantle)

Jade constructs (Mursaat)


Human (White Mantle)

Jade constructs (Mursaat)



Initial dialogue[edit]

Princess Salma
"The White Mantle's Temple of Tolerance has always been considered too well defended to risk an attack on it, but now we have momentum and a secret weapon. For many years, the Shining Blade have had a spy deeply embedded within the White Mantle organization. He has been stationed in the Temple of Tolerance for some time, working within the Mantle to build a small base of Krytans who are loyal to the crown and willing to risk their lives to restore order to the nation. These individuals have arranged for the guards in Hakewood to take a bit of a break, at which point our man will let you into the Temple to kill the Mursaat fiend, Koril the Malignant. I've booked you passage for this mission with Jiaju Tai , who is here in Lion's Arch. Are you willing to do this for Kryta?"
Yes Accept: "Despite the risks, we cannot miss this opportunity. I will do as you ask, Your Highness."
No Decline: "I hardly see how my dying will help Kryta. I'm going to have to pass on this mission."
Ask Ask: "Speak to Jiaju Tai. She can take you to Hakewood, where Dinas awaits."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

"Finally! I was starting to get nervous. The Mantle think we left hours ago. If they saw us still lurking around, it could be trouble. Now, before I open this door, I have information to add to your report to the Princess. Listen carefully. The White Mantle are getting scared. Toriimo flew into an uncontrollable rage when he heard that his pet Inquisitors had been taken out. Now they are sending men every day to Demetra in the North. That's where we are headed as well. Something is happening up there. I'm not sure what, but I'll be in touch. Now, go! Koril is in the center of the Temple. He should be hard to miss. [sic] Good luck!

Reward dialogue[edit]

Princess Salma
"Excellent news, <character name>! Now three Mursaat have been eliminated and four remain, if our intelligence is accurate. But this news of Mantle forces amassing in Demetra is troublesome. It is a holy place for the Mantle, being the site where Saul D'Alessio pushed back the Charr. I suppose we can only wait for word from Dinas and hope he doesn't come under suspicion. His work has been crucial to our cause.


  • There is a resurrect point that shares the spawn point for this quest.
  • It is possible to walk onto a Mursaat tower inside the temple.
  • The Shining Blade bounties for Justiciar Kasandra and Zaln the Jaded can be completed at the same time as this mission.