Mustering a Response

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Mustering a Response
Section Kryta Quests
Storyline Beyond: War in Kryta
Prophecies and Eye of the North
Given by Princess Salma
in Lion's Arch Keep
Part of The War in Kryta
Preceded by Temple of the Intolerable
Followed by The Battle for Lion's Arch
Type Secondary quest
Mustering a Response.jpg
Quest map.

Quest information[edit]


Enter the Lion's Arch Keep and approach Princess Salma. A dialogue will begin between her and the spy Dinas. After the dialogue concludes, the quest will become available from Salma.




Your goal is to gather all of Kryta's allies to prepare for the impending Battle for Lion's Arch. Since this requires running rather than fighting, bring lots of shouts or other skills without activation times.

Start from Temple of the Ages, cross the portal to the Talmark Wilderness, make your way to the Shining Blade Camp, and speak to Bartholos. Next, head to Zinn's laboratory via the Secret River Passage; once there, speak to Livia. (Single-player teams should map back to the Temple; multiple-player teams can split up when they cross into Talmark and have one person wait by the passage.) Resign and map to Beetletun to speak with Elder Hezron.

The next set of activities involve escorting various NPCs towards various stops along the way to Lion's Arch, while being pursued by various groups of White Mantle. Instead of trying to fight the mobs, concentrate on boosting everyone's speed with shouts such as "Charge!", "Fall Back!", and/or "Incoming!". Also bring spirits and traps to distract or slow your foes: anytime foes start closing in, drop a spirit or trap and/or sacrifice a hero (by flagging them near the mobs).

First, accompany Livia, Zinn, and Blimm from Beetletun to Lion's Arch (with several stops). Head east into Nebo Terrace and wait for the dialogue to complete. When the NPCs begin running, follow them to Nebo Village and speak to Elder Sobel. Next, head to North Kryta Province, but wait outside the portal until the quest updates. (The Mantle will not catch you here, even if you forgot to bring party-wide speed boosts.)

After entering North Kryta Province, speak to Captain Greywind and, again, wait for the dialogue to finish. Some Ascalonian Settlers will join your caravan. The Mantle will start pursuing you in earnest as you enter the narrow passage to the south. This time, you must use the speed boosts and delaying tactics to ensure that the relevant NPCs (Blimm, Livia, Zinn, and at least one of the settlers) make it safely to LA. Using heroes, flag them ahead of your route and stay behind to help stragglers get unstuck or to delay the enemy; with multiple players, have at least one keep ahead of the group while the other brings up the rear. As long as you are careful, you should have little trouble making it to LA safely.

Once you reach LA, do not enter until your allies are removed from the party window. (There is no danger once you are within compass distance of the portal.)







Humans (White Mantle)

Jade constructs


Initial dialogue[edit]

Princess Salma
"As you have heard, the White Mantle have amassed their army and are preparing to march on Lion's Arch. As one of our most trusted and expeditious agents, I want you to be my herald in this critical time. This is very important, and time is short, so listen closely. First, you must make haste for the Dakutu Camp in Talmark Wilderness and direct Bartholos to bring our forces here by ship. From there, head to the lab in Divinity Coast via the Secret River Passage, and escort Livia, the Asura, and their weapon here. It is desperately important that they arrive safely, but that's not even your most important task. Along the way, there are three stops you must make to evacuate those in the White Mantle's path. Warn Elder Hezron in Beetletun, Elder Sobel in Nebo Village, and Captain Greywind in the Ascalon Settlement. These innocents must be made safe, but I cannot spare any men to guard them. Please, convince them to leave their homes for just a short time so they might return to them unharmed. If you complete these tasks, all of Kryta will be in your debt."
Yes Accept: "Your trust has not been misplaced. Together we will make Kryta safe once more."
No Decline: "This is more than I can commit to. Someone more dedicated would be better for the task."
Ask Ask: "Please! Do not dawdle here! Bartholos must be notified as soon as possible if he is to bring our forces here from the Dakutu Camp in Talmark Wilderness before the White Mantle army arrives."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

"Ha! Though it may have caught some unawares, this is exactly what I have been hoping for. We've backed the Mantle into a corner and forced their hand. Now, we fight on our own turf. Lion's Arch is a highly defensible location for the final battle to take place. And this WILL be the final battle; I can feel it. What's more, my men have been prepared to move out at a moment's notice for some time now. We have enough ships moored in Fisherman's Haven to take our entire army to Lion's Arch on the double quick. You'd best continue on to the lab now, or you won't make it back to the city in time for the real fun. See you soon!"
Bartholos: "Attention, everyone!"
Bartholos: "The White Mantle has mustered its armies and are marching to Lion's Arch! This is what we have been waiting for!"
Bartholos: "We make for Fisherman's Haven immediately, where our ships await to take us to Lion's Arch."
Bartholos: "So, grab your gear and let's move out!"
"Don't bother me. I still have some calculations to figure out."
"Ridiculous! Not enough time! Might just... burn the whole place down."
"Finally making their big move, are they? Blimm isn't going to be happy about this. He's been screaming all morning following what sounded like either an explosion or a bag of mergoyles being smacked against a lightning fence during their mating season. Zinn is attempting to calm him right now. No matter what, it's going to take a little while to pack things up. Make your way without us to Beetletun to warn the Elder. We won't be too far behind, and can catch up with you there. Don't worry, I can keep us out of trouble at least that far without your help.
Livia: "ZINN! BLIMM! Change of plans!"
Zinn: "Oh, not again. How are we supposed to work under these conditions?"
Livia: "Not my problem. Now listen up. The White Mantle army is on the move, and they are heading straight to Lion's Arch. We need to take what we've got and get there first."
Blimm: "But but but not finished. Not ready. Core not installed. NO GOLEM!"
Zinn: "What my flustered partner is trying to say, is that the protection golem is not fully assembled, let alone functional. I'm afraid the party will have to go on without us this time."
Livia: "Not an option. You've had plenty of time, Asura. Now deliver or pay the price."
Zinn: "Uhhh, yes. Right. I think we can repurpose the core to provide a blanket protection for those in range, similar to infusion, but it will take a little time to set up, and we will only be able to use it once."
Blimm: "But but but!"
Livia: "Do it. Make it quick. We have a date with our protection detail outside Beetletun, and I would hate to miss it."
Elder Hezron
"Thank you for the warning, <Player Name>. I'll advise my people of the approaching danger and recommend they evacuate to the safety of Shaemoor.
Livia: "I don't know how we managed to get here before you, but clearly you have a talent for tardiness. Lucky for us, we found friends."
Lieutenant Thackeray: "Aye. The Captain and I have been tracking the Mantle army's movements since word of their plans arrived."
Captain Langmar: "We don't have much time. They struck camp this morning and shouldn't be too far behind us."
Livia: "Then let's go before the Mantle are upon us!"
Elder Sobel: "Attention, everyone! The White Mantle's army is marching to Lion's Arch from the North, sure to leave behind a wake of destruction."
Elder Sobel: "Our beloved village lies directly in their path. So, I ask you all, please take only what you can quickly carry, and evacuate immediately to the hot springs!"
Livia: "Now is not the time to lag behind."
Lieutenant Thackeray: "Yes, we must move quickly to have any hope of evacuating the Ascalon Settlement before the Mantle arrive!"
Captain Greywind: "This is it, everyone! We all have to leave RIGHT NOW!"
Ascalonian Settler: "Captain! Wait! Helton Wills and the Payce family are still on the north side of the village!"
Captain Langmar: "You need to get out of here NOW. I'll take care of the stragglers."
Captain Greywind: "I'm coming too; you won't even know where to look. I can take you right to them and help fend off any pursuers."
Captain Langmar: "Fine. No time to argue. Thackeray, you're with us!"
<Player Name>: "Be careful!"
Lieutenant Thackeray: "Always! Don't wait up; we'll see you in Lion's Arch!"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Princess Salma
"Thank you, <player name>. I'll admit that I have some reservations about these Asura and their supposed protection field, but Livia seems to think it will work. It's just that I was expecting something... bigger? Tangible? Visible? Well, no matter, it's too late for that now. At least my scouts tell me that Bartholos' fleet has been sighted and will be docking shortly. Right on time considering the White Mantle are seething just beyond our gates. Let us all pray to the gods that victory will find us in this battle. Hmm? Captain Greywind? No, I haven't seen him or Langmar or Thackeray. I assumed they were with you and the rest of the Ascalon settlers. Probably had to divert farther east to avoid the army. I'm sure they are fine."


  • Upon claiming the reward for the preceding quest Temple of the Intolerable, you might have to rezone to allow Dinas to spawn and talk with Princess Salma.
  • During the last leg of this quest, you can zone to Lion's Arch and go back to North Kryta Province to find that there are substantially less foes making a vanquish of North Kryta Province easier. Just do not talk to Captain Greywind as that will trigger the quest. This essentially empties the northwest field of Tengu and the pathway to Nebo Terrace.
  • Starting the last leg of the quest in Lion's Arch and running north to the dialogue point (few or no enemies along the way) has the added benefit of activating the res shrine along the way, which is a practical benefit, especially in hard mode, if your whole party wipes, allowing the possibility of still completing the mission.
  • Although the dialogue for this quest will be triggered upon entering Lion's Arch Keep, you must first accept any rewards for completed Wanted quests before Princess Salma will give you this quest.