Captain Greywind

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Captain Greywind
Vanguard m bearded.jpg
Affiliation Ascalon Vanguard
Type Human
Profession Warrior Warrior
Service Skill trainer
Level(s) 20 [30]
Campaign Prophecies

Captain Ander Greywind (born 1038 AE) was a member of the Ascalon Army until he joined the refugees west into Kryta. When the Ascalon Settlement was established, he took leadership of the small village.



Quests given:

Quests involved in:


During Defend North Kryta Province (Hard mode)[edit]


North Kryta Province - Ascalon Settlement
Well met, citizen! How may I serve you this day?
I am curious about the Ascalon Settlement.
"As you can see, the land granted to us by the White Mantle is a bit far from the safety of Lion's Arch.
"Welcome to the Ascalon settlement. I hope your journey here was not too difficult. The countryside around us is a bit rough, I fear.
Now then, what brings you here?"
Because the surrounding area is so dangerous, I have taken it upon myself to provide training to all the Ascalons. As a friend of the settlement, you may train under me as well."
North Kryta Province (War in Kryta) - (After defeating Inquisitor Lashona and his group)
I fear this new leadership has made the White Mantle more devious than ever. Thank you, friend. Again, we find ourselves in your debt.
Lion's Arch (War in Kryta)
"I didn't like leaving them behind to distract the Mantle Army, but Ascalonian soldiers are survivors first and foremost. I'm sure they'll turn up."

Skills offered[edit]

Warrior Warrior Ranger Ranger Monk Monk
Necromancer Necromancer Mesmer Mesmer Elementalist Elementalist


Bug Bug.Periodically he will not be present as he should at Lion's Arch (War in Kryta).


  • This NPC was named for Gaile Gray, but the gender was erroneously changed during localization.[1]
  • He died in 1112 AE and was buried in the Ascalon Settlement.


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