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The Ascalon Army is the weapon and the shield of the Kingdom of Ascalon.

Until 1070 AE, the army fought in the Guild Wars against the other human kingdoms of Tyria: Kryta and Orr. But lately (especially since the Searing) the Charr have taken over as the main enemy of Ascalon.

The Ascalon Academy in Ascalon City is the main training facility of the Ascalon Army.

Both women and men are accepted as recruits into the army. Anyone who is skilled at using a weapon to defend Ascalon against the Charr is welcome.


The Army has the following known divisions:

  • The Ascalon Guard (also known as "the King's Army"), a defensive guard under order of King Adelbern, which wears red armor.
  • The Ascalon Vanguard, a smaller, more offensive elite force under order of Prince Rurik, which wears dark brown/gray armor.
  • The Ebon Vanguard, an offensive guard under order of King Adelbern, which wears black armor and operate behind enemy lines. They are led by Captain Langmar, and count Gwen among their ranks.


The following officers command the Ascalon Army:

Nobles Warmasters Captains Lieutenants Sergeants Other

King Adelbern
Prince Rurik
Duke Barradin
Lord Darrin

Warmaster Tydus
Warmaster Adriam
Warmaster Casana
Warmaster Grast
Warmaster Labofski
Warmaster Riga
Warmaster Tharan

Captain Osric
Captain Arne
Captain West
Captain Calhaan
Captain Miken
Captain Greywind
Captain Langmar

Lieutenant Thackeray

Sergeant Brannen
Sergeant Clark
Drill Sergeant Mahoney
Sergeant Weststar

Siegemaster Lormar
Master Saberlin

For a more complete listing of Ascalon Army NPCs, see Category:Ascalon Army.

List of hostile NPCs[edit]

Region Name Trophy
April Fool's Day
Ascalon (pre-Searing)