Warmaster Adriam

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Warmaster Adriam
Ascalon guard m.jpg
Affiliation Ascalon Army
Type Human
Level(s) 2
Campaign Prophecies

Warmaster Adriam gives the player a history lesson on the Ascalon Arena style of fighting.



"During times of peace, Ascalon soldiers would come here to practice their craft."
"Pitting their skills against one another, the warriors and spellcasters who kept the kingdom safe from the machinations of Kryta and Orr would put aside their camaraderie for amusement, sport, and exercise. To keep natural rivalries from causing too much tension, guild affiliations were left unrecognized. Soldiers who wished to compete were blindly teamed up with three other entrants. Sometimes the luck of the draw favored them, other times, not so much."
"Even today, the traditions started hundreds of years ago still stand. The Arena is a place for competition away from the prestige and pressure of guilds. Anyone who wants to participate will be blindly grouped with others wanting to compete."


  • Warmaster Adriam used to cast Mending on all players waiting in the Ascalon Arena outpost.