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The Ebon Vanguard—originally made up of an official unit, the Ascalon Vanguard—operates behind Charr lines. As the unit pressed north, it picked up human refugees, exiles, and escaped prisoners from the Charr work camps. Together they forged a new organization, toughened by their experiences and more flexible than a traditional military unit. They endured much hardship on the march through the harsh northern climes, but upon finding the Eye of the North, the Ebon Vanguard established a base of operations for their covert campaign of disruption.

The Guild Wars Eye of the North Manuscript

The Ebon Vanguard is filled with those of the Ascalon Vanguard who stayed behind to continue the fight against the Charr and the renewal of Ascalon. The Ebon Vanguard is the renamed Ascalon Vanguard, named such due to having more members than those of the Ascalon Vanguard. Unlike the Ascalon Vanguard the Ebon Vanguard are not independent of King Adelbern. Led by Captain Langmar, who was assigned leadership by Adelbern, the Ebon Vanguard have pushed further than any other Ascalonians.

Currently, they are held up within the Eye of the North in the Far Shiverpeaks where they perform guerrilla attacks on the Charr and are occasionally assaulted by native Centaurs and Norn.


Officers Notable Members Generic Members Ebon Falcons

Warrior 20 Captain Langmar (leader of the Ebon Vanguard)
Warrior 20 Sergeant Weststar
Warrior 20 Swithin Nye
Ranger 20 Lieutenant Thackeray (leader of the Ebon Falcons)
Mesmer 20 Gwen

Warrior 20 Brent Poltroon
Warrior 20 Chance Redding
Monk 20 Jenn Valefield
Monk 20 Artificer Mullenix
Mesmer 2 Kimmes The Historian
Elementalist 20 Casey Carpenter
Assassin 20 Anton
Assassin 20 Vael

Warrior 20 Ebon Vanguard Soldier
Warrior 20 Vanguard Pet Master
Warrior 20 Vanguard Warrior
Ranger 20 Vanguard Ranger
Monk 20 Ebon Vanguard Monk
Monk 20 Vanguard Monk
Necromancer 2 Ebon Vanguard Necromancer
Assassin 14-20 Ebon Vanguard Assassin
Unknown 20 Ebon Vanguard Scout

Warrior 20 Dian Fermati
Necromancer 20 Nola Sheppard
Mesmer/Monk 20 Koro Sagewind
Elementalist 20 Lawrence Crafton
Assassin 20 Rigo Bolan
Unknown Dermot
Unknown Vickers
Unknown Finn


Voice responses[edit]

Ebon Vanguard rank 0-4:

  • "Are you still here?"
  • "I'm afraid I'm busy."
  • "Report in."
  • "What news?"
  • "Who goes there?"

Ebon Vanguard rank 5-9:

  • "Dwayna's blessing upon you."
  • "Hello traveler."
  • "What do you need?"
  • "What now?"
  • "Well met."

Ebon Vanguard rank 10:

  • Welcome friend.
  • You honor me.
  • May the Gods protect you.
  • How can I help?
  • I've heard much of you.

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