Koro Sagewind

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Koro Sagewind
Lady Althea.jpg
Affiliation Ebon Vanguard
Type Human
Professions Mesmer Mesmer
Monk Monk
Level(s) 20 (20)
Campaign Prophecies

Koro Sagewind is a member of Lieutenant Thackeray's elite unit, the Ebon Falcons. She once needed to cast an illusion as large as half the size of the Eye of the North to save Thackeray which ended up blinding her for a week; this has led to rumors claiming that Koro permanently blinded herself.




War in Kryta ally
"My name is Koro, but YOU can call me the Great Vanguard Koro."
Lion's Arch (War in Kryta)
"We can worry later. If you have time to worry, then you have time to search for Langmar and Thackeray."
Olafstead (during the Wedding)
"Gwen looks absolutely stunning in that wedding dress, don't you think?
Of course you do! I'm not called Great Vanguard Koro for my spellcasting ability alone. No one else in the Vanguard could have helped select the outfits for this occasion!"


Upon appearing
"Today is your lucky day, <Player Name>! You've had the great fortune to run into the Great Vanguard Koro while out in the field. I've already finished the mission that the lieutenant had given me, so I'll take some time to follow you and show you what it means to really be amazing."
Random Quotes
"Well, what do you know? Idiots really ARE everywhere you look!"
"How unfortunate it is for you to have me as your opponent."
"Oh my! I'm sorry, were you trying to cast that spell?"
"That's GREAT Vanguard Koro to you!"
"Yes, I am cheating. Being unfair is a girl's specialty, you know?"
"All of the Ebon Falcon knows what happened with the lieutenant and Gwen. He may be an exceptional leader, but Thackeray is terrible at hiding his feelings from others. I suppose that makes him perfect for a person like Gwen who has problems expressing her feelings in the first place."
"Those White Mantle are so horrible! I can't believe they wear such gaudy hats out in broad daylight."
"The secret to being a good Mesmer is to make sure trivial things like "reality" don't get in the way of the things you want to do."
"Just because I know some healing spells doesn't mean you should be reckless. I don't heal the stupid."
"Standing around like this is a gross misuse of my time!"
"The sixth member of the Falcons? He exists, though you'll only see him if he wants you to."
"The lieutenant seems like the model soldier now, but when he first joined the Falcons, he was as reckless as they come. One time, I had to conjure an illusion half the size of the Eye of the North just to cover for his screwup. The ether backlash blinded me for a week; it was a rather unpleasant experience."



  • Her name and dialogue are a reference to the character Holo the sage wolf from the light novel series Spice and Wolf.
  • She uses the same skin as Althea.
  • She died in 1080 AE, when the Ebon Vanguard traveled south to Ebonhawke.