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The War in Kryta encounters are optional parts of the War in Kryta content that become available as a post-Prophecies or post-Eye of the North experience experience. Not all are available immediately, some requiring other encounters or a progression of the War in Kryta story. These help enrich the story but are not required to complete the War in Kryta content.

List of encounters[edit]

# Zone Map Dialogue Repeatable? Requirements Location
1 The Black Curtain (War in Kryta) Map.jpg read Yes   just outside of the Temple of the Ages
2 Nebo Terrace (War in Kryta) Map.jpg read Yes Has not triggered encounter 9 north of Bergen Hot Springs, halfway to the North Kryta Province portal
3 Watchtower Coast (War in Kryta) Map.jpg read Yes   west of Beetletun
4 North Kryta Province (War in Kryta) Map.jpg read No Has not completed Wanted: Inquisitor Bauer in the Ascalon Settlement's southwestern edge
5 Nebo Terrace (War in Kryta) Map.jpg read Yes   east of Beetletun
6 North Kryta Province (War in Kryta) Map.jpg read Yes   southwest of the Ascalon Settlement
7 Watchtower Coast (War in Kryta) Map.jpg read Yes   east of Divinity Coast
8 Scoundrel's Rise (War in Kryta) Map.jpg read No Has witnessed encounter 4
Has nas not completed Wanted: Inquisitor Bauer
just outside of Gates of Kryta
9 Nebo Terrace (War in Kryta) Map.jpg read No Has witnessed encounter 2 right outside Bergen Hot Springs
10 Talmark Wilderness (War in Kryta) Map.jpg read Yes Has witnessed War in Kryta dialogues#Dialogue 6 - Captain Langmar Arrives in Lion's Arch
Has not completed Mustering a Response
In the Shining Blade Camp
11 Talmark Wilderness (War in Kryta) Map.jpg read Yes Has witnessed War in Kryta dialogues#Dialogue 6 - Captain Langmar Arrives in Lion's Arch
Has not completed Mustering a Response
In the Shining Blade Camp
12 Talmark Wilderness (War in Kryta) Map.jpg read Yes Has witnessed War in Kryta dialogues#Dialogue 6 - Captain Langmar Arrives in Lion's Arch
Has not completed Mustering a Response
In the Shining Blade Camp
13 Talmark Wilderness (War in Kryta) Map.jpg read Yes Has witnessed War in Kryta dialogues#Dialogue 6 - Captain Langmar Arrives in Lion's Arch
Has not completed Mustering a Response
In the Shining Blade Camp
14 Talmark Wilderness (War in Kryta) Map.jpg read Yes Has witnessed War in Kryta dialogues#Dialogue 6 - Captain Langmar Arrives in Lion's Arch
Has not completed Mustering a Response
In the Shining Blade Camp
15 Lion's Arch Keep - read Yes Has access to Lion's Arch Keep Near a fire to the north.
16 Lion's Arch Keep - read Yes Has access to Lion's Arch Keep Near a fire to the north.
17 Lion's Arch Keep - read Yes Has access to Lion's Arch Keep Near a fire to the north.
18 Lion's Arch Keep - read Yes Has access to Lion's Arch Keep Near a fire to the north.
19 North Kryta Province (War in Kryta) Map.jpg read Yes Has completed Mustering a Response At the Ascalon Settlement.
20 North Kryta Province (War in Kryta) Map.jpg read Yes Has completed Mustering a Response Nearby Lev the Condemned.
21 Talmark Wilderness (War in Kryta) Map.jpg read Yes Has completed Mustering a Response At the Shining Blade camp.


Encounter 1 - Greves' Threats[edit]

*Outside of the Temple of the Ages, Greves the Overbearing accompanied by three Peacekeeper Enforcers talking to Brother Mizar*

Brother Mizar: "You cannot pass! This land is protected by Krytan law, even from the White Mantle!"
Greves the Overbearing: "I AM THE KRYTAN LAW!"
Greves the Overbearing: "Let us pass at once! We know you are hiding spies within your heathen temple!"
Brother Mizar: "Our priests and priestesses are hardly spies. As for heathens - they are the very people I'm trying to keep out!"
Greves the Overbearing: "Blasphemy! Your gods are false, your friends are traitors, and your words are poisonous lies! Men, kill this worthless priest."
Brother Mizar: "You can't do this! We are protected by special edict from Saul D'Alessio himself!"
Greves the Overbearing: "Your temple may be protected, but you are just a man - and you look pretty squishy to me!"

*Peacekeeper enforcer's become hostile and attack, six Krytans appear.

Greves the Overbearing: "For simple priests and priestesses you certainly know how to put up a fight..."
Brother Mizar: "Our gods give us strength!"
Greves the Overbearing: "This isn't over, priest! I'll return and next time, it won't be so easy!"

Encounter 2 - Farmer Milton Interrogated[edit]

*Halfway between Bergen Hot Springs and North Kryta Province, Farmer Milton is threatened by a White Mantle Zealot and some Peacekeepers*

White Mantle Zealot:"You have been reported to your local Committee for the Elimination of Anti-Krytan Behavior as a possible spy against the nation."
White Mantle Zealot:"In the name of the White Mantle, we hereby order you to relinquish ownership of all your land and property to Layman Josef and submit to arrest."
Farmer Milton:"What!? This is preposterous! Who accused me of such things!?"
White Mantle Zealot:"Let's see here... Looks like Layman Josef filled the complaint. Huh, that's quite the coincidence!"
Farmer Milton:"Coincidence!? That no-good backstabber has been after my land for years! Surely even an armor-clad idiot like you can see through this charade!"
Peacekeeper Marksman:"Mind your tongue or I'll cut it from your mouth, peasant!"
White Mantle Zealot:"Layman Josef is a trusted member of the Committee for the Elimination of Anti-Krytan Behavior. He has exposed the guilt of many farmers recently, which proves the Shining Blade is corrupting the good citizens of this area."
Farmer Milton:"Look... who does the land go to when these farmers are found guilty?"
White Mantle Zealot:"Well... Layman Josef..."
Farmer Milton:"And who is providing the evidence against these so-called traitors?"
Peacekeeper Marksman:"Careful boss! I think he's trying to trick you..."
White Mantle Zealot:"Shut up! I'm in charge here!"
Farmer Milton:"I'm not going anywhere with you! You tell Josef that if he wants my land he can take it over my dead body!"
White Mantle Zealot:"Make a note that the suspect resisted arrest."
Peacekeeper Marksman:"Noted."
White Mantle Zealot:"In accordance with the revised Krytan Penal Code Section 7, Subsection C regarding suspects who resist arrest, we are hereby permitted to strike you with blunt objects until such time as you comply with our orders or lose the ability to resist them."
White Mantle Zealot:"Men, commence beating!"

*The White Mantle Zealot and Peacekeepers turn hostile and try to kill Milton*

Encounter 3 - Watchful but Unseen[edit]

*West of Beetletun, Fanella is approached by some Peacekeepers*

Peacekeeper Enforcer: According to my records, you've been observed consorting with the enemies of Kryta. Unless you can prove your innocence, you're going to need to come with us.
Farmer Fanella: What!? That's impossible! Who reported this to you?
Peacekeeper Enforcer: That's uhh... confidential information.
Farmer Fanella: Was it Tenlach? Elder Hezron? I thought they were my friends...
Peacekeeper Goon: Maybe the Unseen Ones have been watching you.
Peacekeeper Enforcer: Yeah... that must have been it!
Peacekeeper Enforcer: Look, you seem like a devoted, hard-working citizen. I would hate to have to feed your soul to our glorious gods.
Peacekeeper Enforcer: How 'bout you just hand over the profits from your last crop to us and we'll say that your ample donation to the White Mantle proves your innocence?
Farmer Fanella: Wait... the Unseen Ones are here? Watching...? Fine, take it! Take it all! Just keep them away from me! I've heard what they do to people!
Peacekeeper Enforcer: Ah, such a generous display of faith! You have a nice day now, and may the Unseen Ones watch over you.
Peacekeeper Goon: Oh, they're watching alright... and don't you forget it! We'll be back in time for your next crop[sic]

*Peacekeeper Enforcer and the two Peacekeeper Goons walk to and enters Beetletun.*

Encounter 4 - Bauer Investigates the Ascalon Settlement[edit]

Inquisitor Bauer: "DAMN IT, we don't have time for this! Tell me where the Shining Blade is hiding!
Farmer Dirk: "I don't know anything! I'm just a simple hog farmer!
Inquisitor Bauer: "You're going to tell me what I want to know. It's just a question of how much it's going to hurt you!"
Peacekeeper Marksman: "Careful boss, you can't keep killing all our leads..."
Inquisitor Bauer: "Don't question my methods!
Inquisitor Bauer: "That sure is a nice pig you have there. If you tell me what you know, I'll make sure nothing bad happens to him."
Peacekeeper Marksman: "Ummm... boss?"
Inquisitor Bauer: "Don't interrupt me while I'm interrogating a suspect!"
Peacekeeper Marksman: "But... don't those guys over there look kind of familiar?"
Inquisitor Bauer: "I don't have time to follow your ignorant hunches, I'm a professional!"
Peacekeeper Marksman: "Uhh... OK, you're the boss..."
Inquisitor Bauer: "Do you see this pine cone? Do you know what I could do to you with this pine cone?"
Peacekeeper Enforcer: "mmmmphy eees ellphin ehh ruuuph."
Inquisitor Bauer: "What? I can't understand a word you are saying! Why don't you take that stupid thing out of your mouth!?"
Peacekeeper Marksman: "He said "Maybe he's telling the truth." He has a point... maybe this farmer doesn't know anything."
Inquisitor Bauer: "Impossible! Look, farmer, tell me what you know or things are going to start getting messy!"
Farmer Dirk: "Fine, fine... the Shining Blade is hiding in... umm..."
Inquisitor Bauer: "Out with it! We're running out of time!"
Farmer Dirk: "They're in Scoundrel's Rise! Yeah, that's it! I mean... where else would scoundrels like them be?"
Inquisitor Bauer:"Of course! You men stay behind and see if you can get any more information."
Inquisitor Bauer: "I'm going to Nebo Terrace to gather my "interrogation supplies" so I can be the first to reach the traitor's camp."

*Bauer leaves to Nebo Terrace*

Peacekeeper Marksman: "So, what do you people know about the Shining Blade?"
<party leader>: "The Shining What? Never heard of them."
Peacekeeper Enforcer: "mrrrmph ummmph huphin braaph?"
Peacekeeper Marksman: "I agree, my hulking accomplice. Perhaps we should jog their memory."

Encounter 5, 6, and 7 - Checkpoints[edit]

See here for checkpoint dialogues.

Encounter 8 - Bauer Suspects the Mergoyles[edit]

Camryn Jamison [Collector]: "Like I said to the others, "a Shining Blade camp? Around here? Ridiculous!"
Inquisitor Bauer: "Impossible. I have infallible intelligence that proves the Shining Blade is working out of this area!"
Peacekeeper Marksman: "Don't worry, I don't think he knows what infallible means either."
Camryn Jamison [Collector]: "Look, this entire area is infested with Skale and Mergoyles. Even the Shining Blade wouldn't set up in the middle of that."
Inquisitor Bauer: "Dammit!"
Peacekeeper Marksman: "Don't worry boss, you can't be right all the time..."
Inquisitor Bauer: "No, you idiot! Clearly this means the Shining Blade have forged an alliance with the Skale and Mergoyles."
Inquisitor Bauer: "We'll need to interrogate the beasts one at a time. Hop to it!"
Peacekeeper Marksman: "But...they can't talk!"
Inquisitor Bauer: ""Ha! The great Inquisitor Bauer can make anyone, or anything, talk!"
Camryn Jamison [Collector]: "Is this guy serious?"
Peacekeeper Marksman: "Honestly I don't... wait... Boss, there! Shining Blade operatives!"
Inquisitor Bauer: "Ah ha! You thought you could hide among your beastly allies. No one hides from Inquisitor Bauer."
<party leader>: "Blast! You know of the great Mergoyle accord. The rest of the White Mantle cannot know about this."
Inquisitor Bauer: "Take them alive. Start with these insolent fools!"

Bauer and Peacekeepers turn hostile. After Inquisitor Bauer reaches low life he turns ally, and says:

Inquisitor Bauer: "Dammit, we don't have time for this. I need back-up!"

*Inquisitor Bauer runs through portal to the outpost.*

Encounter 9 - Toriimo Executes Milton[edit]

High Inquisitor Toriimo: Have you forgotten what the White Mantle have done for the people of Kryta?
High Inquisitor Toriimo: Have we not brought peace and prosperity?
High Inquisitor Toriimo: And LAWLESSNESS is how you repay us?
High Inquisitor Toriimo: Regrettably for you, you leave me no choice. Attacking a White Mantle soldier is the same as attacking the Confessor himself!
Layman Josef: Yes, strike down the traitor! Kill the blasphemer!
High Inquisitor Toriimo: And you... you ungrateful miscreants! Harboring traitors! You're just as guilty as this despicable villain.
Layman Josef: Wait... what?
High Inquisitor Toriimo: Burn him. Burn the village. Cleanse wickedness with fire!
<party leader>: NOOOO!
<party leader>: Your reign of terror ends today, Toriimo!
High Inquisitor Toriimo: Well, well, well. I knew the smell of burning peasants would bring you out of the shadows. You've gotten too predictable for your own good.
High Inquisitor Toriimo: Captain, kill the traitors for me. They're not worth my energy.

Encounter 10 - Langmar and Thackeray Assess the Recruits[edit]

Captain Langmar: "What is your impression of the recruits?"
Lieutenant Thackeray: "They are green, but they will fight well and won't break."
Captain Langmar: "What makes you so sure?"
Lieutenant Thackeray: "They're defending their homes. Would you give any less for Ascalon?"

Encounter 11 - Training the Recruits: Motivation[edit]

Lieutenant Thackeray: "Concentrate on your target. Focus on its movements."
Lieutenant Thackeray: "Your first shots must down your foe, for once the element of surprise is lost, the battlefield will become utter chaos."
Shining Blade Recruit: "What... what if I can't do it, sir?"
Lieutenant Thackeray: "The stakes are extremely high. If you fail, think of what will happen to those you leave behind."
Lieutenant Thackeray: "Remember what you're fighting for. Whether it's the freedom of your fellow man, or your loved one back home."
Shining Blade Recruit: "What about you, Lieutenant?"
Lieutenant Thackeray: "I'm fighting for the liberation of Ascalon."
Shining Blade Recruit: "Really? No sweetheart back home?"
Lieutenant Thackeray: "Heh, no."
Lieutenant Thackeray: "*mumble* I once thought there was."

Encounter 12 - Training the Recruits: Mental Battle[edit]

Lieutenant Thackeray: "Archery is more than just a physical strain on the body. You need to work on the mental aspect as well."
Shining Blade Ranger: "Like not overthinking the target and adjusting to its movements, right?"
Lieutenant Thackeray: "Right. But also thinking that you can make the shot before taking it. Letting your subconscious know that you're ready. Archery isn't just a physical exercise, it's a mental battle."
Bartholos: *to Langmar* "Where did you dig up this guy?"
Captain Langmar: "Just beyond the Great Northern Wall in Ascalon, after the Charr invaded."

Encounter 13 - A Scouting Mission[edit]

Bartholos: "We've had unconfirmed reports of White Mantle forces spotted in Kessex Peak."
Captain Langmar: "Hmm... that area offers no strategic value. What would they be doing there?"
Lieutenant Thackeray: "Captain, with your permission, I'll take a small team and scout the area."
Bartholos: "We don't really have the troops to spare at this time, Lieutenant."
Lieutenant Thackeray: "That's fine, I'll take two of the rookies with me."
Bartholos: "That's completely unwise! They're untried and completely without discipline!"
Lieutenant Thackeray: "Was I so different when you found me, Captain?"
Captain Langmar: "Permission granted, Lieutenant."
Captain Langmar: "Oh, and Keiran?"
Lieutenant Thackeray: "Yes, Captain?"
Captain Langmar: "You were worse."

Encounter 14 - Thackeray's Intelligence[edit]

Captain Langmar: "What news from the front, Keiran?"
Lieutenant Thackeray: "The White Mantle have amassed their forces in multiple places: Divinity Coast, Watchtower Coast, and the Temple of the Unseen. They are expanding their presence within the Peace Keepers and increasing their interrogations looking for Shining Blade sympathizers."
Bartholos: "How do you know all of this?"
Lieutenant Thackeray: "I walked up and asked one of the Inquisitors."
Bartholos: "You walked up and did what?"
Lieutenant Thackeray: "I just asked him. He had the information, and I wanted it."
Bartholos: "That actually worked?"

Encounter 15 - Old Men Jabbering: Holding the fort[edit]

Carden: "They say that one of the patrol units was holed up in the jungle for four days eluding Mantle forces."
Jorith: "That's nothing, me and two buddies held off an entire guild for fourteen days with only field rations and daggers."
Carden: "That was us. Don't you remember, you old fool?"
Antwyn: "And that wasn't no guild, that was your wife!"

Encounter 16 - Old Men Jabbering: Impressive shooting[edit]

Carden: "Robert came back from the last patrol. He said Lieutenant Thackery [sic] killed three enemies with a single shot."
Antwyn: "Ha, if you think that was impressive, you should have seem [sic] me when I defended Ascalon, back during the wars."
Antwyn: "Nobody could stop me. I took down an entire squad with a single fireball."
Jorith: "Funny, I don't remember you using magic."
Carden: "And that shot must have been mighty impressive, since we've never been to Ascalon."

Encounter 17 - Old Men Jabbering: Training with bears[edit]

Jorith: "Word among the recruits is that Thackery [sic] guy spent two years in the land beyond the northern Shiverpeaks, training with bear people."
Antwyn: "Back in my day, we didn't have bear people to train with. We had to train with regular bears."
Carden: "What day was that? Before the Guild Wars?"
Antwyn: "You guys would've been so impressed. I could wrestle that bear like it was a sack of turnips"
Jorith: "Probably was a sack of turnips. You've never seen a bear!"

Encounter 18 - Old Men Jabbering: Losing eyes[edit]

Antwyn: "The story goes that a charr pounced on the Captain and clawed out her eye while she gutted him out from underneath."
Jorith: "I heard that a Mesmer in the Lieutenant's unit created an illusion to escape the charr so powerful that it blinded her permanently."
Carden: "Oh, yeah? When I was in the military, I lost all three of my eyes in an assault near Divinity Coast."
Jorith: "Three eyes? Have you looked in the mirror boy?"
Antwyn: "Ha! Yeah, you only have two!"
Carden: "That's because the Light of Dwayna only gave me back two of them."

Encounter 19 - Empty settlement[edit]

<party leader>: "The inhabitants of this settlement have been evacuated while the White Mantle threaten Lion's Arch."

Encounter 20 - No signs of Langmar or Thackeray[edit]

<party leader>:"It's clear that the White Mantle army advanced on this location. If Langmar and Thackeray were indeed here, they would have had to choose between an impossible fight or the treacherous water below. Nothing remains to suggest the outcome."

Encounter 21 - Desolate camp[edit]

<party leader>: "Other than a few residents and merchants left behind, this camp has been deserted by the Shining Blade while Lion's Arch is in danger."

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  • These encounters occur randomly, so if the spawn isn't there, make sure you have met the requirements then rezone and try again.