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Krytan f.jpgKrytan m.jpg
Affiliation Krytans
Type Human
Professions Warrior Warrior
Ranger Ranger
Monk Monk
Level(s) 10 (20)
Campaign Prophecies

Krytans are the common citizens of Kryta.



During Rise[edit]



Lion's Arch Keep (before The Battle for Lion's Arch)
"I am pleased to see so many brave soldiers here in Lion's Arch protecting us. I only hope my skills as a healer won't be necessary. There has already been enough blood shed in Kryta."
"I came to show my support for Princess Salma. With the Six Gods on her side, nothing can stop her ascension to the throne!"
"May the Gods watch over you during these trying times."
"My faith lies with the six true Gods, and with the rightful ruler of Kryta!"
Lion's Arch Keep (after The Battle for Lion's Arch)
"We were quite busy treating the wounded, both royalists and Mantle alike. Perhaps our enemies would not show us the same mercy, but that is what sets us apart from them."
"It was the gods' will for Queen Salma to take back Kryta; they must have plans for the future of our fine kingdom."
"I've been considering joining the Seraph. Do you think they need more Monks?"
"It is great to once again be able to worship the Six Gods without fear of persecution."


  • They have no skills in Lion's Arch Keep.
  • In the Black Curtain encounter, they spawn with enchantments that provides regeneration and a small amount of healing when hit.