The Undead Hordes

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The Undead Hordes
Section Kryta Quests
Campaign Prophecies
Given by Elder Hezron
in Beetletun
Type Secondary quest
The Undead Hordes map.jpg
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Elder Hezron requests that you defend the village of Beetletun against the approaching undead horde from Watchtower Coast.

Quest information[edit]


  • Go to the Watchtower Coast and stop the undead from reaching Beetletun.
  • Return to Elder Hezron for your reward.



The undead come in small waves but grow successively, culminating in a Bone Dragon accompanying the last wave. Move very quickly and use holy damage. If you die, there is a resurrection shrine very close by.

Waves 1, 2, and 3, have three groups of enemies each. Wave 4 has four groups. Wave 5 is the last wave, and has three groups, the last group being the Bone Dragon and the Damned Cleric.


In Watchtower Coast








Initial dialogue[edit]

Elder Hezron
How fortunate that you're here! A horde of undead has been sighted shambling toward Beetletun! We have no defense against them and will surely perish without your help. They approach even now from Watchtower Coast.
Will you defend our hapless village?
Yes Accept: "I will defend you."
No Decline: "I'd suggest fleeing."
Ask Ask: "The undead approach from the Watchtower Coast! Meet them in battle and defeat them before they reach our village."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Lionguard Sentry: To arms! To arms!
Krytan: Don't let the undead get us.
Lionguard Sentry: I'll watch your back.
Krytan: You're on your own.
Krytan: I'd suggest fleeing.

Reward dialogue[edit]

Elder Hezron
Your defeat of that undead horde has earned the gratitude of all of Beetletun, <Player name>. Your name will live forever in our hearts.


  • You only need to kill the last group of each wave to trigger the next wave to come. For the last wave, the final group is the Bone Dragon with a Cleric, and upon killing them, the quest will complete.
  • Abandon the quest after completing it and take it again to farm items during times with special drops, such as Wintersday, Halloween, etc.
  • On some of the groups, there are a large number of Level 1 and Level 3 enemies. It might be better to take them out quickly, to reduce the number of targets, and also to make it easier to concentrate your entire party's attack damage on the higher level monsters.
  • In War in Kryta environment you may not need to fight at all: wait a few minutes near a quest mark until 2 groups of Peacekeepers kill all quest foes, then go after the reward.
  • If you don't succeed in stopping them you can just be resurrected nearby and return to finish the job, as the hordes will just wait at the Beetletun gates.
  • If you wait right in front of the gates, the large group of NPCs will engage the enemies as well and they do not need to survive for the quest to complete.