Wanted: Inquisitor Bauer

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Wanted: Inquisitor Bauer
White Mantle necromancer.jpg
Section Kryta Quests
Storyline Beyond: War in Kryta
Prophecies and Eye of the North
Given by Wanted by the Shining Blade
in Lion's Arch Keep
Part of The War in Kryta
Followed by Riverside Assassination
Type Secondary quest
Inquisitor Bauer From Gates of Kryta.jpg
Bauer in Scoundrel's Rise.

One of the War in Kryta quests, the objective of this quest is to kill the White Mantle boss Inquisitor Bauer.

Quest information[edit]


Must have access to Lion's Arch Keep, see flowchart for details.



  • 5,000 Experience
  • 1000 Gold
  • Complete the Base Objective for 20 War Supplies
  • Complete the *BONUS* Objective for an additional 10 War Supplies


Start from Gates of Kryta (outpost) and fight through three groups of mergoyles. As you arrive to the wider area, Bauer's dialogue will trigger. Make sure you don't aggro surrounding groups or pull his group with a bow. Kill him and return to Salma for your rewards.



Humans (Peacekeepers)

Jade constructs (Mursaat)


Humans (White Mantle)


Initial dialogue[edit]

Wanted by the Shining Blade
"The White Mantle's most effective and feared interrogator, Inquisitor Bauer has tortured countless innocent Krytans in his urgent yet never-ending quest to uncover plots against the government. Currently, Bauer is practicing his interrogation techniques on mergoyles and passersby in Scoundrel's Rise. Put an end to this relentless fiend and receive the royal bounty and gratitude of Krytans everywhere."
Yes Accept: "I'll do whatever I can to help restore order to Kryta."
No Decline: "War! What is it good for?"
Ask Ask: "..."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Inquisitor Bauer: "DAMMIT! We're running out of mergoyles!"
Peacekeeper Marksman: "Ummm, Boss? I'm pretty sure these things ain't ever gonna talk..."
Inquisitor Bauer: "Shut up! You just make sure our men have secured the perimeter!"
Peacekeeper Enforcer: "Emmpphhh eeeeinpheng aaaaaahheed!"
Inquisitor Bauer:"HA! So, you thought you could mount a rescue operation, did you? Bring them to me alive!"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Princess Salma
"Thank you <player name>, your efforts bring us one step closer to a unified nation."


  • Some players find it easy to vanquish the area with this quest active: by the time you have killed Bauer, a large portion of the total number of foes have already been defeated.
  • Bauer will not spawn if Heirlooms of the Mad King (the Halloween quest) is active.


  • "..." has been used as a placeholder NPC name and as placeholder dialogue in the past when unfinished content has accidentally been pushed through to Live.
Bug Bug.Players who started the three required Wanted quests before the 19 November 2010 update might be forced to take the official umbrella quest, which is optional otherwise. If you are unable to move on to Riverside Assassination, speak to Murro in Lion's Arch and add The War in Kryta to your quest log.