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Krytan old m.jpg
Affiliation Krytans
Type Human
Level(s) 15
Campaign Prophecies
Murro Map 1.jpg
Murro's location in Lion's Arch
Murro portrait.jpg

Murro is a a humble historian and scribe. His duty is to bear witness to the struggle between the White Mantle and the Shining Blade and report what he sees with honesty. Murro is the author of the War Chronicles.



Quests offered


Before completing The War in Kryta
"I am Murro, a humble historian and scribe. Dark days are coming, and the fate of Kryta is uncertain. Let me be your guide though[sic] this impending war in Kryta."
After completing The War in Kryta
"You have done Kryta a great service, and history will remember you well for it."


  • Murro is named after Edward R. Murrow, a journalist known for his honesty, who rose to fame during his coverage of World War II.

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