Imperial Guide

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Imperial Guide
Canthan guard f.jpg
Affiliation Imperial Guard
Type Human
Level(s) 20
Campaign Beyond

The Imperial Guide is an NPC in Kaineng Center who offers help in navigating Winds of Change content.



Before initiating and after completing Winds of Change
"These are eventful times here in Cantha. I don't know if I should be excited or concerned..."
When Initiate Zei Ri offers the next quest
"Initiate Zei Ri of the Ministry of Purity is seeking assistance with their mission to defeat the Afflicted. You should speak with him quickly!"
When Initiate Tsuriai offers the next quest
"Initiate Tsuirai requires your aid cleansing Shing Jea Island of the Affliction. She is awaiting your arrival in Seitung Harbor."
When Xan Hei offers the next quest
"Initiate Xan Hei was looking for you. He requested you speak with him in Xaquang Skyway."
When the Herald of Purity offers the next quest
"All the commotion must mean Reiko's rally will be starting soon. If you wish to see her speak, you should ask the Herald of Purity for permission to attend."
When Miku offers the next quest
"I was told that a mutual friend is waiting to speak with you in Shenzun Tunnels, just outside Tahnnakai Temple. It's probably best if you don't leave her waiting."
When Guardsman Qao Lin offers the next quest
"Guardsman Qao Lin is the person to speak to about the matter at hand. He's right over there."
When having to talk to Soar Honorclaw
"Our Tengu allies are in peril! Speak with Soar Honorclaw at the Angchu village of Aerie. It can be found in the Kinya Province."


  • If you have an active Winds of Change quest, the NPC will direct you to the relevant explorable area.
  • If no quest is active, she will direct you to the location of the appropriate quest giver.
  • Her responses are based on the normal mode quest; she does not provide directions for the hard mode versions of the quests.