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The Imperial Guard is the royal army of the Empire of the Dragon that serve the Canthan Emperor. Though they serve the emperor, they are often subject to the whims and paper pushing of the Celestial Ministry. They are charged with various tasks in order to carry out the will of the emperor and the Celestial Ministry, and, most importantly, protecting Canthans from crime and other threats. Due to the bureaucratic nature of the Empire, everything they intend to do has to pass through the Celestial Ministry in order to be approved, often hindering them.

Due to the enlarging threat of criminal gangs such as the Am Fah, Crimson Skull, and the Jade Brotherhood, and the threat of the Afflicted, the Imperial Guard has become increasingly spread out and undermanned in the empire. Most of the time they are found managing supplies and shelter for refugees.


Ascendant Emperor Imperial Officers Imperial Guards Other units

Ritualist 20 Emperor Kisu

Warrior 20 Captain Yong Hei
WarriorParagon 20 Guardsman Qao Lin
Warrior 20 Imperial Agent Hanjo
WarriorMonk 20 Lei Jeng
WarriorMonk 20 Natsumi
Warrior 20 Shae Wong
Warrior 20 The Emperor's Blade
Ranger 20 Guardsman Jinnai
RangerRitualist 20 Miyuki
Assassin 20 Emperor's Hand
Unknown 20 Captain Rujiyo
Unknown 20 Captain Sei
Unknown 20 Emperor's Voice
Unknown 20 Palace Guard Tsungkim

Warrior 20 Imperial Guard Musashi
Warrior 20 Imperial Guardsman Kintae
Warrior 20 Imperial Guardsman Linro
Warrior 20 Imperial Guardsman Tingjo
Unknown 20 Emperor's Guard
Unknown 20 Imperial Guard Requisition Officer
Unknown 20 Imperial Guard Hanso
Unknown 20 Imperial Guard Hao Li
Unknown 20 Imperial Guard Kozoko
Unknown 20 Imperial Guard Lein
Unknown 20 Imperial Guard Rantoh
Unknown 20 Imperial Guardsman Hanzing
Unknown 20 Imperial Guardsman Yang

Warrior 20 Canthan Bodyguard
Warrior 20 Canthan Guard
Warrior 20 Canthan Guard Captain
Warrior 20 Canthan Royal Guard
Unknown 20 Gate Captain
Unknown 20 Gate Guard
Unknown 20 Imperial Quartermaster
Unknown 20 Imperial Guide
Unknown 20 Requisition Officer

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