Captain Sei

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Captain Sei
Canthan guard captain m.jpg
Affiliation Imperial Guard
Type Human
Level(s) 20
Campaign Factions

Captain Sei is an Imperial Guard, found in the Raisu Palace outpost, who gives players tips about the Raisu Palace mission.



"Thankfully you were able to cleanse Kuunavang from Shiro's corruption. Now she is willing to lend us aid. Time is short, but I have a few moments to answer your questions if you have any."
⇒ Refresh me on the troubles in Cantha.
"Thanks to you, Kuunavang is no longer corrupted. However, Shiro and his army have stormed the emperor's palace. You are his only hope."
⇒ Let's talk about something else.
⇒ What is the situation here at Raisu Palace?
"The palace defenses have been overrun by Shiro's army. The inner chamber has been sealed to all those without royal blood. Many have come in this time of need to assist you. You must choose two allies to take with you, while those who remain will hold the gates as long as possible. Do not trouble yourself with our lives, we are here only to serve the emperor."
⇒ Let's talk about something else.
⇒ How can we defeat Shiro?
"1. Kuunavang will teach you a skill if you wish to learn.
2. Choose your allies wisely; each one provides assistance in a unique chamber.
3. Argo will assist you in the first room.
4. Talon Silverwing will help you with the second chamber.
5. Nika will lend you assistance in the third area.
6. Cynn will come to your aid in the fourth room.
7. Devona will pitch in when you reach the fifth room.
8. Panaku will assist you with the sixth room.
9. Assassins: Remember that you are fragile. Pick your targets wisely and retreat when you have taken too much damage.
10. Elementalists: Use the power of your favorite element, but understand that mobs will come at you fast and furious.
11. Mesmers: Barrage your targets with hexes and degen spells.
12. Monks: You need not worry about plagued creatures here. Concentrate your efforts on casting party buffs and area-of-effect healing spells.
13. Necromancers: Minions can be quite helpful, but sometimes casting Hexes can be more effective.
14. Rangers: Shiro's forces prefer to fight in groups. Lure mobs into your traps.
15. Ritualists: Both offensive and defensive spirits are useful here; remember to balance out your party and specialize in one over the other.
16. Warriors: Help your team by taking the brunt of the attacks. Boost your armor so that Monks do not have to constantly watch your Health. Protect your party's Monks at all costs."
⇒ Let's talk about something else.
⇒ Replay the mission cinematic.
Taking Back the Palace cinematic begins
No I'll be on my way.


Bug Bug.His dialogue should list Danika instead of Devona when he states "Devona will pitch in when you reach the fifth room."