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An image from an Eye of the North cinematic.
An image from an Bonus Mission Pack cinematic.

A cinematic is a cutscene that appears during a mission or quest and gives the player historical and/or tactical information about it. Most missions have a cinematic in the middle, and another one after completing the mission.

Cinematics by campaign[edit]

Please note that all lists (except core) contain spoilers.


Disconnected during a cinematic
  • During a cinematic, all party members will appear in the cinematic, even the ones that were dead prior to the start of the cinematic.
  • After a cinematic, all dead party members will be resurrected with 1 health.
  • Minions do not lose health during cinematics.
  • If you are disconnected during a cinematic and manage to reconnect, you will not be able to see the scene.
  • All players need to select "Skip" to bypass the remainder of the cinematic.
  • During cinematics, the party leader is the character doing the talking (if any) for the party.
  • When a cinematic is displayed upon the first entry into a mission outpost, there is usually an NPC available in the outpost to redisplay the cinematic (excluding Prophecies outposts). Redisplaying a cinematic via an NPC in the outpost will remove the player from the party.
  • If the party leader has a pet, usually the pet will stand right on top of the character making it hard to see them. Tall birds (Moa Bird, Flamingo, Crane, etc.) usually do the most hiding, and will run in front of their owner when movement is involved.
  • Minions that are masterless prior to the start of a cinematic will often attack and possibly kill defenseless allied non-player characters and characters. If not masterless, they will attack hostile targets who are part of the cinematic or they can block the camera view.
Bug Bug.Occasionally, a female character will use a male's voice (and vice versa).
Bug Bug.On a computer with a slow connection it is possible to connect during the cinematic and be able to walk around while the other party members are still viewing it.
Bug Bug.After minimizing and restoring the game window, occasionally all the dialogue and voices will play simultaneously.
Bug Bug.If an opening cinematic is skipped before someone loads it, they can be separated from their group and will start the mission separately.

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