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Disambig icon.png This article is about an Elonian prophecy. For the Guild Wars campaign, see Guild Wars Nightfall. For the event, see Nightfall (event).
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Nightfall is part of the Guild Wars Nightfall manual describing the backstory of Elona.


Like the Golden Sun, the gods watch over Elona, but in the shadows, enemies of the heavens hide from ceaseless scrutiny. Outside the world we know, malefic forces watch and wait, scheming of ways to manifest in the realm of flesh. Their methods range from the subtle to the shocking: whispers in the minds of the troubled, plagues creeping across the corrupted countryside, innocents transformed into ravenous abominations, and stranger creations. Civilizations arise to defend humanity against this evil but sometimes, civilization fails.

Now Elona is troubled by kindred horrors. Civilized lands recognize and revere five gods, but heretics speak of a fallen god. A thousand years ago, these heretics’ spiritual ancestors, the Margonites, fought an epic battle on the shallow sea north of Elona. The carnage that resulted created a vast wasteland—the realm now known as the Crystal Desert. Empowered by the blessings of their dark deity, the Margonites waged war against the followers of all other gods—smashing temples, desecrating shrines, and butchering all rivals. Despite the power granted by horrific transformations, their army was annihilated, their false god exiled to a realm of torment.

Now heretics see signs that their fallen god may be at work in the world again. His name has been eradicated from all history, burnished from all monuments, condemned as blasphemy—yet still, the servants of the unholy watch and wait. With sharpened blades and practiced spells, his followers await the return of their forgotten and forsaken deity. Fervently, they believe that he will return, just as night follows day. Working the will of a patient and potent force of evil in the world, they await the onset of Nightfall.

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