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List of species[edit]

Short and incredibly intelligent beings who once lived beneath the surface of Tyria.
Root Behemoth.jpg
Stationary creatures that resemble small wurms. Their appearance tends to match their surroundings, allowing them to camouflage.
Desert Centaur caster.jpg
Half-human half-horse beings residing in Tyria and Elona. Elonian centaurs resemble swift gazelles while Tyrian centaurs have goat-like features.
Charr necromancer.jpg
Bipedal felines with horns on their head and shoulders, extendable claws, and four ears.
Cobalt Mokele.jpg
Reptilian creatures of Vabbi. They're named after the cobalt blue scales they have.
The Hunger.jpg
Creatures born from the Mists themselves. They often resemble twisted forms of other races.
Destroyer of Sinew.jpg
The fiery minions of the Great Destroyer, champion of Primordus. The Destroyers are fleshy creatures created from stone and lava.
Red devourer.jpg
Two-tailed scorpion-like creatures. They are often found hiding in the ground waiting for prey.
Strong and carnivorous reptile-like creatures that inhabit the Tarnished Coast.
Heavily furred creatures of the Shiverpeak Mountains. They are often herded and domesticated by the Dwarves.
Drake blue.jpg
Large reptilian creatures that inhabit the three continents and the Mists. Canthan dragons appear serpentine and primarily fly, while Tyrian dragons are more bulky and prefer to walk.
Dredge caster.jpg
Dredge are mole-people who live primarily in the tunnel networks that link mounds together. Originally from an area near Sorrow's Furnace, some have migrated to Cantha to escape slavery.
Red Dryder.jpg
Spider-like spellcasting creatures. Some are known to have poisonous fangs, and most inhibit areas of extreme temperature conditions.
Deldrimor warrior.jpg
Dwarves are one of the oldest known races on Tyria. They are stocky, short, and are almost always bearded humanoids.
Large two-faced hunchbacks, they are often seen wielding a club.
Fleshreaver Nephilim.jpg
A race born as skeletons and grows through adding meat from their prey onto their bodies. They have only been seen in the Depths.
Forgotten light.jpg
The Forgotten are a group of ancient snake-like beings that are said to have been placed on the world of Tyria in 1769 BE by the Ancient Gods in order to guide the other races.
Ophil Cuicani.jpg
Cousins to the Heket, the "frogmen" are, as their name implies, frog-like beings, who live in the coastal, swampy, and underground regions of Tyria.
Sand Giant.jpg
Large hominids that always feature either horns or tusks. Due to their massive size, they are easily capable of knocking others down - both friend and foe - and often use large rocks as their ranged weapon of choice.
Giganticus Lupicus
Also known as the True Giants or Great Giants, they are now extinct race of large creatures.
Grawl martial.jpg
The Grawl are a humanoid creatures with an ape like physique.
Blessed Griffon.jpg
Large winged creatures. They are only seen in the Shiverpeak Mountains and the Crystal Desert. They are also prized by Balthazar.
Skree paragon.jpg
Harpies are feminine winged creatures of prey. Elonian legends claim that they once served Dwayna, now they are merely raiders.
"Frog Man Back" concept art.jpg
Hekets are toad-like beings who live in Elona. These creatures thrive in water, but Hekets often prefer to survive in arid areas. They have wide mouths and lashing tongues.
Ascalonian townsfolk m.jpg
Brought to Tyria by the True Gods, humans thrive across multiple continents with a variety of cultures.
Hydra (Crystal Desert).jpg
Large bipedal three-headed reptilian creatures. They have only been seen inhabiting high-temperature locations such as deserts and seared lands.
Ice Imp.jpg
Tiny, but powerful, winged spellcasters. They can be found throughout the continent of Tyria.
Jotun concept art.jpg
Giant homonid ogres that inhabit the far north. They have deformed faces and wear basic clothing and show little, but still existent, culture.
Krait Hypnoss.jpg
The Krait are vicious xenophobic snake creatures from the Unending Ocean's depths, though some are also found on the Tarnished Coast. With flamboyant feathers and viper-like qualities, the Krait are capable of changing forms mid-battle into a more deadly shape.
Zhu Hanuku.jpg
Creatures of the sea, they can be encountered in the Jade Sea. They are also said to inhabit the Unending Ocean.
Leviathan mesmer.jpg
Large creatures of the sea that exhibit insect-like qualities.
Berserking Minotaur.jpg
Bipedal bull-like creatures. They are known for their ferocity and are one of the oldest species on Tyria.
Mursaat caster.jpg
Mursaat, also known as "Unseen Ones" among other names, are a race of floating humanoid spellcasters. They have the ability to hide themselves from those who do not have the gift of True Sight and are considered gods by the White Mantle.
Naga Jade Sea caster.jpg
The Naga are water-dwelling creatures related to sea snakes which evolved a culture at peace with humans, until the Jade Wind nearly wiped them all out. Thousands became one with the sea when it turned to gemstone. They are encountered on Shing Jea Island and the Jade Sea.
Norn guard m.jpg
The Norn are a highly independent race with a fighter-centric society. They reside in the Far Shiverpeaks and resemble large humans.
Fluidic and highly adaptable creatures. They are capable of surviving the harshest of environments.
Sentient Tree.jpg
Large Plant creatures that can be found in many verdant areas of Tyria. They are usually healers and ranged fighters.
Island Guardian.jpg
Island Guardian
Island Guardians are towering tree-like creatures that can usually be found in the green hills of Cantha. They are often in the company of Rot Wallows.
Kurzick Juggernaut
Large mobile plant construct that the Kurzicks create by tying the soul of a volunteer human with one of the Forever Trees in the Awakening Ceremony. As long as a Juggernaut's Forever Tree lives, the Juggernaut is effectively immortal, returning to life beside the tree when killed.
Ancient Seer.jpg
The Seers are an ancient powerful and still mysterious race of genderless floating beings. Their race is on a decline after a war with the Mursaat that occurred before the time the gods brought humanity to Tyria.
Amphibious creatures that are never found far from a water source (with the exception of within the Fissure of Woe). They are also often seen in the company of drakes.
Skelk Scourger.jpg
These reptilian creatures are often found in the Depths of Tyria. What they are exactly is unknown.
Snow Beast.jpg
Snow beast
Large beasts of the Shiverpeaks that have been mostly domesticated by the Stone Summit. No wild snow beasts are encountered.
Tengu fighter.jpg
Tengu are a unique species of avian humanoids found in both Tyria and Cantha. Tengu lost the ability of flight some time in the distant past, but can use their almost human hands to wield all manner of weapons—when they want to.
Warden of the Tree.jpg
Former protectors of the Echovald Forest, it is believed that the Wardens were once druids or holy men who had merged with the forest to live longer and be more capable of protecting it. Since the Jade Wind they have been corrupted and viewed all humans as a threat.
Plague Worm.jpg
Small burrowing creatures. They are often found plaguing fields and plains, sometimes though they are found in the mountains.
Frost Wurm.jpg
Large burrowing creatures. Due to their size, they are easily capable of knocking down their prey. Some wurms are also capable of using siege attacks from a distance.
Yeti red.jpg
The Yeti are just intelligent enough to form a hunter-gatherer society, but one with a deep tradition of honor and courage.


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