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Skill. Creature changes into an adult krait.

Concise description

Skill. Creature changes into an adult krait.


  • This skill is used by Krait Neoss.
  • This skill causes the Krait to vanish after several seconds, spawning a Krait Devouss, Necross, Hypnoss or Arcanoss. The new Krait will be level 20 to 24 in normal mode and 26 in hard mode, and will yield loot, experience, count towards bounties - as will the original Krait if it is killed before vanishing. However, killing the Neoss before it disappears will not stop the new one from spawning.
  • The metamorphosis will count as death, triggering skills like Assassin's Promise.
  • You can take advantage of this skill to divide their groups. New Kraits created by this skill will aid any other Kraits they see around, but are not part of their old group, so if you pull Krait far away from their spot, those that stay behind to transform will break aggro and forget about your party, staying behind. This way, a party of 6 Krait Neoss can be divided into a group of 2...4 that followed you and 4...2 separate evolved Krait that you may manage to fight separately.


This skill has the longest recharge documented recharge in the game.