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On the northern continent of Tyria, the mole-people known as the Dredge are a pitiable race, enslaved by the wicked Stone Summit dwarves and ready to fight alongside any who will help free them from their masters’ whips. In the Echovald Forest of Cantha, a few small colonies of escaped Dredge jealously defend their prized freedom. The offspring of a few desperate escapees from the Shiverpeaks who tunneled for hundreds of miles to reach their strange new home, these Dredge have no reason to feel any friendship toward humans or anyone else—they escaped slavery on their own, and plan to establish their race anew in the petrified woodlands.

Dredge villages are marked by large dirt mounds. The mole-people live primarily in the tunnel networks linking the mounds together. Those who underestimate the ferocity and aggressiveness of the Canthan Dredge do so at their peril.

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List of hostile NPCs[edit]

Region Affiliation Name Trophy
Guild Wars Prophecies
Southern Shiverpeaks (Sorrow's Furnace) Sorrow's Furnace Wildlife Warrior 24 (26) Dredge Brute
Warrior 24 (26) Dredge Spirit Guard
Ranger 24 (26) Dredge Scout
Ranger 24 (26) Dredge Spirit Caller
Monk 24 (26) Dredge Shaman
Monk 24 (26) Dredge Spirit Keeper
Monk 24 (26) Rebel Spirit Keeper
Mesmer 24 (26) Dredge Blastrock
Dredge Manifesto
Guild Wars Factions
Echovald Forest Echovald Forest wildlife Warrior 24 (26) Dredge Guardian
Ranger 24 (26) Dredge Gatherer
Monk 24 (26) Dredge Gardener
Assassin 24 (26) Dredge Gutter
Dredge Incisor
Urgoz's Warren Urgoz's army Warrior 28 (30) Maddened Dredge
Ranger 28 (30) Maddened Dredge Savage
Ritualist 28 (30) Maddened Dredge Seer
Guild Wars Eye of the North
Depths of Tyria Depths of Tyria wildlife Warrior 20 (26) Dredge Warrior
Ranger 20 (26) Dredge Hunter
Monk 20 (26) Dredge Gardener
Assassin 20 (26) Dredge Gutter
Dredge Charm


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  • The Dredge's society has similarities with the Soviet Union: Molenin (Vladimir Lenin), Molachev (Mikhail Gorbachev), the Moletariate (Proletariate), and the Dredge Manifesto trophy. The story of the Dredge is also similar to the Russian Revolution.