Dredge Blastrock

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Dredge Blastrock
Dredge caster.jpg
Affiliation Stone Summit
Type Dredge
Profession Mesmer Mesmer
Level(s) 24 (26)
Campaign Prophecies

The Dredge Blastrock are an unruly Dredge unit that mine Balthazate crystals.



Quests involved in:


15 Domination Magic

Items dropped[edit]


  • When you attack a Dredge Blastrock, a small group of Stone Summit dwarves spawns and attacks High Priest Alkar. When you kill the Blastrock, another, larger group does the same.
  • Although they are not bosses, killing them gives a morale boost.
  • They are much more resilient than normal Dredges, with a high maximum health.