High Priest Alkar

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High Priest Alkar
High Priest Alkar.jpg
Affiliation Deldrimor
Type Dwarf
Profession Monk Monk
Level(s) 20
Campaigns Prophecies
Eye of the North
High Priest Alkar location in Grenth's Footprint.jpg
Location in Grenth's Footprint

High Priest Alkar is a Deldrimor priest who used to work in Sorrow's Furnace, before it was taken over by the xenophobic Stone Summit. He has a knowledge of Dwarven religion, and attempts to stop the return of the Great Destroyer by recovering the Tome of the Rubicon.



Quests given:

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Grenth's Footprint
"I am Alkar, High Priest and Chief Keeper of the Deldrimor Rubicon.
I used to tend a temple inside Sorrow's Furnace, and I'd like to know how it's fared since the Stone Summit took over. Of course, I'll need some help getting inside."
When he starts following you:
"Come, I need to get back to my temple as soon as possible."
When he stops following you:
"I'll wait here until you're ready"
Sorrow's Furnace
"I am Alkar, High Priest and Chief Keeper of the Deldrimor Rubicon."
"Long have I studied the Tome of Rubicon and the lore of the Great Destroyer. Never did I expect to see the Great Destroyer in my lifetime."
"Hail, friend. My people may no longer live to greet you in the ways of old, but I shall raise my mug to you in one final salute. Where Dwarves have fallen, a hero has risen in their place."


  • Like many neutral NPCs with healing skills, he will attempt to heal everything within range in Grenth's Footprint, including foes as well as allies.
  • His staff is unique, and fires arrows instead of magic projectiles.