Attack on Jalis's Camp

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Attack on Jalis's Camp
Section Far Shiverpeaks Quests
Campaign Eye of the North
Given by Orozar Highstone
in Battledepths
(Far Shiverpeaks)
Preceded by Northern Allies
Followed by In the Service of Revenge
Type Secondary quest
(Difficulty: Master)

Orozar Highstone has had word that the Stone Summit are planning a major attack on the Deldrimor enclave. Help to defend the camp from their onslaught!

Quest information[edit]


  • Tell Orozar that you are ready to defend King Jalis and his camp.
  • Ask Orozar when Ural will arrive.
  • Defend King Jalis's camp from the attacking Stone Summit forces.
  • See Orozar Highstone for your reward.



Speak with Orozar, and Ural Highstone will come down warning of the impending attack. Shortly after, four waves of Stone Summit will attack from the north, east, and south (for a total of 12 waves). In the last waves, you will encounter the Taskmasters Nard, Beld, and Larn. The final attack is led by Marln Steelfist. The Deldrimor dwarves will assist you in this fight, and they have some ability to resurrect each other, but they will likely take heavy losses from attrition.

Like the allies you get in dungeons, Ural Highstone, Orozar Highstone, Telzar Ironjaw and Jalis Ironhammer all self-resurrect once there are no enemies within their aggro radius, but High Priest Alkar self-resurrects even if there is an enemy near him which makes the necromancer enemies get more minions. This means that they can effectively delay enemy waves for a very long time. Therefore, it's best to focus on the waves coming from one particular direction until they have all been killed, then move to another direction.

Note that only Marln Steelfist's group needs to be killed for the quest to be completed. Once his group is dead, you will be returned to the Battledepths map after a brief countdown, even if there are still other Stone Summit dwarves still alive and attacking the camp.

Another good trick to use is to have someone in your party bring Verata's Aura. The Stone Summit Gnashers generally summon 20~30 minions.



Before Heart of the Shiverpeaks

After Heart of the Shiverpeaks




Initial dialogue[edit]

Orozar Highstone

[Difficulty: Master]"My brother, Ural Highstone, was once in the Stone Summit, but he reformed and has become a follower of the human god, Dwayna. King Jalis asked him to infiltrate the Stone Summit as it moved north, and for the most part its members have been pretty quiet... until now. Ural sent word that the Summit has gotten wind of our arrival here in the Far Shiverpeaks. He believes they plan to attack our encampment. Ural will arrive soon to confirm his report. <Player name>, Will you lend your prowess to us and defend our enclave should the need arise?"
Yes Accept: "Sure, I'll play defense."
No Decline: "I'm benching myself."
Ask Ask: "Is your party ready to defend our encampment?"
Yes Accept: "I am ready."
No Decline: "I am not ready."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Orozar Highstone

"Just sit on your shield a moment! Ural should be here soon."

After talking to Orozar:

Ural Highstone: "Orozar! Did you get my message?"
Orozar Highstone: "My brother, I have! What news?"
Ural Highstone: "The Stone Summit are on your doorstep! Their attack will begin at any moment!"

As Marln Steelfist approaches:

Marln Steelfist: "Ural Highstone, you traitorous snake! I should have known you'd sell us out! I'll roast your hide for this!"
Ural Highstone: "Blood is more precious than gold! I betrayed my brother once, but never again!"
Marln Steelfist: "Your life is mine, Ural Highstone!"
Avatar of Dwayna: "And your soul, mine."
Orozar Highstone: "Ural! No! NO! Dwayna has taken him!"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Orozar Highstone

"Dwayna, why would you take my brother? We had come to terms, he and I. I had forgiven him. What am I to do now?"


  • No NPCs need to be protected. Jalis Ironhammer can be killed. If he comes close to dying, he regains a significant amount of health but he can die after a while. Ural Highstone can be attacked and killed, but this has no effect on his death by Marln Steelfist in a scripted event at the end of the quest. Orozar Highstone seems to have extremely high health, armor and regeneration, and the quest will not fail if he is killed. All other dwarves can be killed by the Stone Summit.
  • Marln Steelfist will spawn when the last southern wave (containing Taskmaster Nard) has been defeated. It is recommended that you clear all northern waves before that, otherwise Marln's group will gang together with the group of Taskmastern Larn (also from the north). The resulting mob is quite large and can easily kill the party.