Northern Allies

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Northern Allies
Northern Allies page.jpg
Section Primary Norn Quests
Campaign Eye of the North
Given by Jora
in Ice Cliff Chasms
(Far Shiverpeaks)
Part of Against the Destroyers
Followed by Attack on Jalis's Camp
Destructive Research
Heart of the Shiverpeaks
Type Primary quest

Northern Allies provides overview for the Norn story arc.

Quest information[edit]




This quest is basically an "umbrella" for the three primary quests of Curse of the Nornbear, Blood Washes Blood, and A Gate Too Far, leading towards gaining the Norn as your allies. The first step is talking with Jora outside the Eye and accepting her quest; it ends with you entering the dwarven region and speaking to Jalis Ironhammer for your reward.


Initial dialogue[edit]

"Gain the Norn's aid to battle the Destroyers."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Ogden Stonehealer
"The Destroyers have ventured dangerously near the surface, and Dwarves are few and far between up here. We must gain allies we can rally into an army. Only then can we repel this threat and keep those blasted Destroyers contained beneath the surface. That Norn who didn't attack us on sight... she might be an excellent starting point for creating the army we need."
Sif Shadowhunter
"What do you want human?"
Where can I find Olaf Olafson?
"Olaf Olafson can be found south of here in Olafstead."
Where can I find Egil Fireteller?
"Egil Fireteller lives in the middle of Jaga Moraine, northeast of here."

Audience with the King plays when approaching Jalis Ironhammer for your reward.

Reward dialogue[edit]

Jalis Ironhammer
"You have done well. Thanks to your efforts, we have potential allies and a base from which to launch a counterattack against the Destroyers."


  • Upon completion of the quest, you are automatically under the effect of Call of the Eye after you rezone.