Olaf Olafson

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Olaf Olafson
Olaf Olafson.jpg
Affiliation Norn
Type Norn
Profession Warrior Warrior
Level(s) 20
Campaign Eye of the North

An archetypical Norn, Olaf is a warrior, a sojourner, and a hunter who prays to the spirits of nature and has been given the gift of transformation by the Bear Spirit. Like most Norn, he values freedom and individuality, and continually seeks to challenge himself. For Olaf, there is no greater point in life than to hunt and master the creatures of the wilderness. Olaf has seen many winters and hunted many beasts. As the seventh Olaf in his family line, he bears the name with great pride—pride that is diminished by the fact that he has only a daughter of his own. He is the last Olaf Olafson, seventh of that name in a direct line, and unless his deeds are legend, the name may be forgotten forever.

The Guild Wars Eye of the North Manuscript




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Olafstead and A Gate Too Far
"Here's a bit of advice: Never interrupt two Norn in a discussion. An errant backhand comment might knock you right off your feet."
Destruction's Depths
I've got something to "discuss" with these bugs after seeing what they did to the temple.
"Looks like you're taking after good old Olaf after all! Slaying a great beast before it destroys the known world? Reminds of a time when I was young... before my first Alemoot!"
Olafstead (during the Wedding)


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