Vision of the Raven Spirit

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Vision of the Raven Spirit
Section Primary Norn Quests
Campaign Eye of the North
Given by Olaf Olafson
in Olafstead
(Far Shiverpeaks)
Part of Northern Allies
Preceded by Curse of the Nornbear
Followed by A Gate Too Far
Type Primary quest
Vision of the Raven Spirit map.jpg
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Convince Olaf Olafson that the Destroyers are a threat.

Quest information[edit]


  • "Discuss" the situation with Olaf.
  • Defeat the attacking Destroyers.
  • See Olaf Olafson for your reward.



Speak to Olaf, near the entrance to Raven's Point in Varajar Fells. When you're ready to "discuss", Olaf, Olrun and the four guards will attack you. You must defeat all of them to progress. Each Norn will become friendly at 20% health.

Afterwards two small groups of Destroyers will attack you. With the help of the Norn (and a Resurrection Shrine nearby), they shouldn't be much of a problem.

Talk to Olaf for your reward. You can start the follow-up quest right there, or you can return to Olaf in Olafstead at a later time.



All allies become foes for a short time during the discussion





Initial dialogue[edit]

Olaf Olafson
"Allies? Surely, you jest! But, since Jora speaks well of you, I will give you a chance. Meet me outside the Shrine of the Raven Spirit and we will "discuss" matters further."
Yes Accept: "We will be there, Norn."
No Decline: "We have other matters to worry about."
Ask Ask: "We will take up this matter at the Shrine of the Raven Spirit."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Olaf Olafson

If you are in need of allies, then perhaps the wisdom of Raven can help you. Are you ready to "discuss?" [sic]

Yes I'm always ready to talk. (Norn turn hostile)
No Why do I get a creepy feeling every time you say "discuss?" [sic]

When Destroyers arrive.

Olaf Olafson: By Raven's wing! What sort of beasts are these?

Reward dialogue[edit]

Olaf Olafson
More await in the cave! Let's take the fight to them. My daughter will stand guard here. The rest of you should speak to me when you are ready to enter the shrine. These "Destroyers" had better be worth the trouble.