Curse of the Nornbear

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Disambig icon.png This article is about a primary quest. This name is also used for a Zaishen mission quest. For the explorable area, see Drakkar Lake.
Curse of the Nornbear
Curse of the Nornbear page.jpg
Section Primary Norn Quests
Campaign Eye of the North
Given by Sif Shadowhunter
in Sifhalla
(Far Shiverpeaks)
Part of Northern Allies
Preceded by Tracking the Nornbear
Followed by Flames of the Bear Spirit
Vision of the Raven Spirit
Leader of the Pack
Type Primary quest Repeatable quest
Curse of the Nornbear map.jpg
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Use the spirit of the wolf to help you track down and kill the Nornbear.

Quest information[edit]


  • It is possible to enter the mission with just one person meeting the requirement, but anyone else will not receive any credit for mission completion.


  • Speak to Sif in Sifhalla to begin the hunt. (disappears from Quest Log after entering Mission)
  • Join Jora and Sif. Get the Volfen Blessing from the Shrine of the Wolf Spirit.
  • Invoke the Volfen Blessing to receive the abilities of the wolf spirit.
  • Track down Svanir, the Nornbear.
  • Receive Volfen Blessing from Sif.
  • Use the skill Volfen Bloodlust to follow the scent of the Nornbear.
  • Stay on Svanir's trail.
  • Pursue Svanir. Don't let him escape.
  • Slay Svanir, the Nornbear.



rush / repeat mission path

Head into the cave with Jora and Sif after dispatching of the mandragor patrol and the enemies therein. Head to the center isle at the Shrine of the Wolf Spirit (point 1) surrounded by friendly Stonewolves who quickly turn on you. Finish the giant guarding the shrine and collect the Volfen Blessing from it. When you activate it, your skill bar will be replaced by a different set of 5 skills. By using one of these skills, Volfen Bloodlust, you can "detect the presence of Svanir". This means that his location will show up on the Mission Map as long as the skill is active. He will appear at points 2 and 3 on the map, where he will flee after you have brought his health down to about 50%. At point 4, kill it and you have completed the mission. After the cinematic you will be taken back to Sifhalla and Jora will be unlocked as a hero for you.


You can use the following shortcut, which is especially useful for speed booking:

  • Ignore the quest markers and head straight for the spawn points. As soon as the Nornbear spawns, head for the next one; do not fight him.
  • The quest will not update (and the starburst will not move), but your target will keep respawning at the correct locations. At the third location, kill him.
  • You do not need to bring Volfen Blessing (or visit the Wolf Shrine).

Skill recommendations[edit]










Initial dialogue[edit]

(Curse of the Nornbear)
Svanir, the Nornbear, has been sighted in the caves above Drakkar Lake. Help Jora and Sif track down Svanir and kill him.

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Sif Shadowhunter
"I am Sif, great hunter of the north, slayer of ten dozen wolves, threescore bear, and one vicious rabbit."
Yes I'm ready to face the Nornbear.
"Are you ready to fight the Nornbear?"
Yes Yes.
No No.

At start.

Sif Shadowhunter: The Nornbear strikes hard and then vanishes. To catch him, we must invoke the power of the wolf spirit. Travel with me to the Shrine of the Wolf Spirit and receive Wolf's blessing!

At the Shrine of the Wolf Spirit:

Jora: Wolf is pleased! The Shrine of the Wolf Spirit imbues you with its aura. This magic does not provide the physical prowess we receive from the bear spirit, but it will help in this hunt. Invoke the power and then follow your nose!

First encounter with the Nornbear.

Jora: I have come for you. Show yourself, brother!

Second encounter with the Nornbear.

Jora: Face your fate, Svanir! Your treacherous blood must flow to cleanse our family.

Third encounter with the Nornbear.

Jora: It comes to this, brother. I have no choice.
Nornbear: Swallow your pathetic excuses and your pity, sister. Your weakness will be your downfall.
Jora: Forgive me, Brother. This is for the best.

End cinematic[edit]

Jora: "Stand aside. I must finish this."
<Party leader>: "Jora, he's defeated."
Jora: "He is my brother. He is my responsibility."
<Party leader>: "Jora, you have my sympathy."
Jora: "This was the only way it could end."
Jora: "The curse is lifted. For both me and Svanir, I think."
Jora: "You have helped me. I shall help you."
Ogden Stonehealer: "Good. We need to unite the other Norn to fight the Destroyers."
Jora: "I fear my words will carry little weight. I have my brother's blood on my hands."
Ogden Stonehealer: "If you can't influence the Norn, then who can?"
Jora: "Olaf the sevenfold son of Olaf is esteemed by many. As for me, I must seek Egil, who tells tales by the flame, to fully redeem my family's name."
Ogden Stonehealer: "Olaf it is, then. I need to talk to a Norn leader."
Jora: "Norn do not have leaders, Dwarf. Only heroes."
<Party leader>: "Jora, we can aid you and seek out allies. Let us help you with your burdens."
Jora: "You have the spirit of a Norn, human. I am proud to call you friend."

Reward dialogue[edit]

  • There is no dialogue. The reward is accepted automatically.


  • The Nornbear cinematic plays at the end of the quest. You will then be returned to Sifhalla.
  • Sif Shadowhunter allows players already using Volfen Bloodlust to re-equip the skill (thus effectively making it maintainable).
  • The Volfen Blessing is an optional skill that is not needed to complete this mission.
  • This quest (and all primary repeatable Eye of the North quests) may also be obtained from the Scrying Pool in the Hall of Monuments after completing it once.
  • If you completed this quest during GW:EN test weekend, you do not gain any credit for it in your Hero's Handbook but can have it inserted in your book by paying one of the NPCs that collects books.
Bug Bug.Sometimes Volfen Bloodlust will not work and you will be unable to see the location of Svanir.
Bug Bug.Sometimes the Nornbear doesn't flee when it's supposed to. In these cases whenever its health reaches 0, it instantly goes back to 25%. To break this bug, flag your heroes/henchmen well away from it.
Anomaly Anomaly.Similar to Finding the Bloodstone with Livia, if a Jora hero is in your party, you will have two Joras in your party instead of the Jora hero being renamed "Norn Warrior".
Anomaly Anomaly.If you skip receiving Volfen Blessing from the shrine, Jora's dialogue will not appear for the rest of the mission.

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