Finding the Bloodstone

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Disambig icon.png This article is about a primary quest. This name is also used for a Zaishen mission quest. For the dungeon, see Bloodstone Caves.
Finding the Bloodstone
Finding the Bloodstone page.jpg
Section Primary Asura Quests
Campaign Eye of the North
Given by Inscription Stone
in Sparkfly Swamp
(Tarnished Coast)
Part of The Knowledgeable Asura
Preceded by Finding Gadd
Followed by Crystal Method
The Arrow's Point
The Blade's Essence
Type Primary quest Repeatable quest
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Assist Gadd and Livia with extracting the power of the Bloodstone from the Inscribed creatures.

Quest information[edit]


  • All party members must have received the reward for Finding Gadd.
  • It is possible to enter the mission with just one person meeting the requirement, but anyone else will not receive any credit for mission completion.




During the quest, all creatures will be under the effect of the Aura of the Bloodstone: all nearby creatures (including spirits) will be healed each time any other creature dies (by 20 on the first level and 20 more on each successive level). Proceed slowly; there are numerous popups along the way.

Level 1: Walk down into the bigger area first. Gadd will then comment about an inscribed creature to the south-east. Walk to the east first, then, when he says so, to the south. Finish off the Inscribed Sentry and wait for the quest log to update (indicating that Livia has extracted its essence). Then, head north to the portal; wait for Gadd to open it.

Level 2: Walk to the south-east. Eventually you will come to a huge chamber guarded by Skeletal Hounds. When you enter the room, the nearby Skeletons will start off friendly. Pull the patroling sentry away from them and kill him; once he dies, all the skeletons will disappear. Should you get too close, they will become hostile, but you should still be able to pull the sentry away. Again, wait for Livia to extract the essence, then proceed to the portal and wait for Gadd to open it.

Level 3: Go west, eventually reaching a cavern, at the center of which is the Inscribed Guardian guarded by several Enchanted weapons. There will also be four Enchanted Scythes farther from the center; although these are initially friendly, they will turn hostile after you aggro the Guardian. Once it dies, the quest is completed (so you need not bother with the other foes, if you can kill it fast enough).




Arachnids (level 1)

Enchanted weapons (level 3)







Initial dialogue[edit]

"Gadd must complete his research. Help him and Livia harness the Bloodstone's power."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Sparkfly Swamp[edit]

Inscription Stone

Examine the inscription lock.

Yes Yes. (Gadd plays)
No No.

Finding the Bloodstone (1st floor)[edit]

Gadd: "There are more inscribed creatures ahead. You there, the tall one! Track them down and remove their inscriptions. I'll need those before we can delve deeper and locate the bloodstone."
Gadd: "I still sense the creature. It is to the south now. Shall I show you which way is SOUTH, bookah?"
Gadd: "Feel that? No, you wouldn't. There's an inscribed creature southeast of us, but it's on the move. I'll repeat that incase you weren't listening. SOUTH. EAST."
Gadd: "I sense an inscribed creature to the east. EAST. Blink twice if you understand me.
Gadd: "You there. Shining Blade girl. Extract this inscription."
Livia: "Of course, Gadd. But remember, you can't do this alone."
Gadd: "Give me just a moment. This is so far beyond you it would make your head spin."

Finding the Bloodstone (2nd floor)[edit]

Gadd: "There's an inscribed creature to the southeast again. If you know how to read a compass, look between the S and E, and walk between them. That's SOUTHEAST."
Gadd: "We're closer to the creature now. This one isn't moving much. Perhaps it's guarding go in first."
Livia: "These inscriptions are fascinating. I wonder what created them."
Gadd: "That doesn't matter, Necromancer. All that matters is that I will figure them out!"
Gadd: "These inscriptions are...interesting. No wonder no one else has gotten in here. They didn't have me."

Finding the Bloodstone (3rd floor)[edit]

Gadd: "The inscribed power emanating from this room is...immense. We must mind our steps. Well, you should, as you will be walking in front of me. After you."
Gadd: "Defeating the guardian will allow me to harness the Bloodstone's full power!"
Gadd: "Well, what are you waiting for?"

Interactive objects[edit]


  • If you gained Death penalty on your way to this mission or accumulated too much DP while in this mission, you can simply resign to eliminate your death penalty before talking to the inscription stone again to restart the mission.
  • This mission takes place in a zone with an identical layout as the Bloodstone Caves in the Depths of Tyria; however, this area is considered to be Asura territory (Tarnished Coast), so Edification will grant its bonus.
  • After defeating the Inscribed Sentries, wait for Livia to extract the inscriptions before proceeding; Gadd cannot open the gates until she has done so. You can check that she has managed this by ensuring that the quest log has updated. However, the dialogue will continue whether Livia has succeeded or not.
  • At the beginning of the 2nd level, Livia or Gadd can get stuck at the bottom of the stairs in the corner. As with any NPC allies, watch that they stay with the party to avoid backtracking later.
  • When repeating this quest, you can travel directly to the Inscription Stone outside Bloodstone Caves. (You could also visit the Scrying Pool first to obtain the quest, but this is not necessary.) Once you approach the site, the gate may open and if you zone in without clicking the Inscription Stone, Gadd and Livia will not join your party as you will be starting the dungeon instead.
  • When repeating this quest, if you have already unlocked Livia, you will still receive the notification that you've unlocked her.
Anomaly Anomaly.Similar to Curse of the Nornbear with Jora, if a Livia hero is in your party, you will have two Livias in your party instead of the Livia hero being renamed "Shining Blade Necromancer".

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