Condition Removal

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the quest Condition Removal. For a list of skills that remove conditions, see List of condition removal skills.
Condition Removal
Section Shing Jea Island Quests
Campaign Factions

(Canthan only)

Given by Instructor Ng
in Shing Jea Monastery
(Shing Jea Island)
Part of Monk Insignia
Necromancer Insignia
Ritualist Insignia
Type Secondary quest
(Solo Quest)

Advanced training for Canthans. Teaches how to remove conditions.

Quest information[edit]



  • Speak to Weng Gha.
  • Speak with Weng Gha again to begin the test.
  • Survive for 2 minutes by removing Conditions as they are placed upon you.
  • See Instructor Ng for your reward.

Early benefits[edit]

Skills provided:



The easiest way to fulfill this task is by attacking Weng Gha until his health bar turns green. It is possible to survive by removing all conditions for 2 minutes, but the aforementioned method is far preferable.



Initial dialogue[edit]

Instructor Ng

Many foes will attempt to defeat you by placing various Conditions upon you. Some Conditions, such as Poison, Bleeding, and Burning, cause you to lose Health quickly. Others slow your movement, Blind you, or leave you Dazed so your spells fail more easily or your attacks inflict less damage. During this exercise, Weng Gha will place numerous Conditions [sic] upon you, and you will be required to remove them in order to survive.

By accepting this quest you will abandon other advanced training quests and put yourself into a separate training arena from the rest of your party, if applicable.

Yes Accept: "I think I can handle that."
No Decline: "Maybe later."
Ask Ask: "Weng Gha is ready to assist you. Remember, you must survive for 2 minutes by removing harmful Conditions he places upon you."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Weng Gha
Are you ready? I will begin placing Conditions upon you now. Remove them as quickly as you can, and survive for two minutes to complete this exercise. Remember, not all Conditions affect everyone; be certain a Condition is hindering you before you decide to remove it.
Weng Gha


Professor Gai: "You are doing well so far! Do not let up."
Professor Gai: "You have almost completed the exercise! Just a little longer..."
Professor Gai: "That was an excellent performance, <Character name>. Return to Instructor Ng to receive credit for completing this course."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Instructor Ng

Congratulations, <Character name>. You have mastered the art of Condition removal. You will find this skill especially useful against enemies who rely on Conditions, such as Warriors, Elementalists, Necromancers, Rangers, and Assassins.


Anomaly Anomaly.Although the dialogue mentions condition removal, Ritualists receive Resilient Weapon, a skill that mitigates, but does not remove conditions.